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If you own or manage a website, your main goal is to obtain a decent standing in search engine outcomes. So you are probably in need of the best link building method and build good quality backlinks to your website. In a nutshell, this is what search engine optimization basically means. Top quality backlinks are essential when backlinking to your site. It is one crucial thing to keep in mind, especially since Google is pretty strict with indexing websites at the moment. When you fill your website with good quality backlinks, there’s no doubt that great things can happen to your site. However if you’re not diligent enough, just a single bad backlink can compromise your website.

For Efficient backlinking, here are a few helpful guidelines when looking into a website’s status:

  1. Evaluate the relevancy of the website

In spite of how great the SEO metrics of a site is, it’s useless obtaining links from it if it isn’t highly relevant to your website. In choosing websites to build links with, one of the most important considerations you need to look at is site relevancy. See to it that the site you’re examining focuses on the same topics that are discussed in your site.

  1. Determine how often content is published

Take a look at date of the latest post – this is the easiest way to determine whether a site is still active. If the most recent information you see is a few months old, it’s likely that the site is not active. There are plenty of reasons for this to take place, and the first is because of a penalty from Google.

  1. Google ought to be indexing the specific website you are checking out. Likewise, it should not have been penalized

You are able to determine whether a website is listed in Google by doing a search using A website that’s been penalized will be taken out of search engine rankings; therefore it isn’t going to be accessible via Google. Even though this comes about very rarely, it helps to conduct an inspection to keep away from those ticketed websites.

  1. Determine the website’s traffic

There are many online resources that enable you to look into the degree of traffic a certain website obtains over a specific time frame – absolutely free. The source of targeted traffic is equally as essential as traffic volume, so perform a comprehensive evaluation to find out whether the data seem sensible. It will be useless when you obtain backlinks originating from a website with very low targeted traffic.

  1. Find out as much as you could about the website’s visitors

The goal of obtaining backlinks from a selected website is to increase targeted traffic to your personal website. One way to find out is if website visitors frequently put in feedback or observations on their articles or blog posts. Social networking accounts such as Twitter and Facebook can be a perfect gauge – take a look at the total number of supporters they’ve got and if readers actively take part in their conversations and exchanges. The more traffic a website has the more useful backlinks you will get from it.

There are several other ways of assessing the quality of a particular website to know if it’s seriously worth building links with. For people who are not too comfortable about assessing websites independently, Buy backlinks can assist them with finding premium quality backlinks.

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Marketing management should produce beneficial relationships between the targeted customers and market flow. But which strategies are the best to achieve the value of this concept? Which benefits should be given to the customer and what is good for the marketing trend?

Today we will discuss the most available concepts in the manner of marketing and management, under which an organization can produce their best marketing strategies.

Orientations of Marketing and Management

The Concept of Production

Affordability and availability is the basic need of production concept, that which product is favorable for the consumer. Taking care of this need, management should take a very good care about the production and distribution. This concept is purely for the benefit of seller.

In this case there are mostly two types of situations that could occur randomly:

  1. The demand of the product is too high but the supply/production is low.
  2. Product cost is too high which makes the production limited.

Mainly issues should be handled by the managers of the product, otherwise product orientation will collapse and there is a risk of losing sight and objective.

The Concept of Product

This concept should be around some major aspects, such as the quality of product that favors the customer and the ground-breaking features of the product. This concept works in versions, like 1.0 then 2.0 then 3.0, means product should be focusing on constant improvements.

Outdated products will fall badly in market due to being old and less convenient to consumer. If you are continuously producing a redundant version of product unless the latest, your product will definitely cause you loss in the market.

The Concept of Selling

A product is useless if there is no marketing strategy behind. Most of the companies follow this concept for selling their products. Your product will not get better attention of buyers until it is visible in the marketing scale and graphs.

Orientations of Marketing and Management

But does not use negative marketing just to sell the product once and spoil your customer relationship; such practice will definitely harm your company worth and long term visibility in the marketplace.

The Concept of Marketing

To hold and achieve organizational goals that depends on knowing the needs and demands of the market and to deliver better than your competitors. Focus on customer and value is the key to success and sales in market.

Marketing concept is all about the customer, that how to meet the customer need and wants. Do not play force marketing role to sell your product to a doubted customer. Provide the time as much customer wants to be satisfied, that will help you grow long term relationship with your customer.

Read More About

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

Customer Needs And Marketing Plans

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

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Broken links lead to “Nowhere” and nothing but harm. So, it is necessary to find it out and fix them to save the ranking of your website.Internet users and especially the search engines really don’t like these links.

How to Find Broken Links

Most common way is to check all the links manually to find broken links. It can be done in small size websites which have hardly 50-100 pages but for such website which have 5000-10000 pages, it is also possible but manually checking links is too tedious and time taking task.

To perform this task, there are a number of wordpress plugins and one of the most popular among them is Broken Link Checker.

In this article we will discuss in detail about how to find the broken links in a website and its fixing by using broken link checker wordpress plugin :

The plugin is a mini boat, whose main task is t o scan pages and search for the broken links.

Broken Link Checker wordpress Plugin

Download the latest version of Broken Link Checker plugin from his page which can be found here. After installing and activating the plugin is already the standard way to start its work with the default settings.

broken link checker wordpres plugin

We’ll be doing until you configure it. Go to Admin Panel “Settings”? “Link checker”. If you don’t know how to install a plugin check this article.

Configuration of Broken Link Checker


broken link checker wordpres plugin

Status : It will show broken link in your website as a hyperlink which will proceed to your broken links where you can edit or delete it easily.

The Frequency of checks : In case of permanent operation of this plugin, it will check your website links by default every 72 hours. Option for very large portals like forums where life abounds and customers constantly leave links
(Note : After scanning the broken links and its fixation, deactivate the plugin until the next scan scheduled, because its working slow down your blog loading speed)

E-mail Notifications: Put the tick in the first line, you will be notified by E-mail (listed in the WordPress settings) about your broken links. A check mark in the second line activates sending such notifications to authors of posts.

Link Tweaks : styles setting for unhealthy and deleted links checked in first and second respectively. A check mark in the third line will prevent search engines from indexing does not correct references.

“Look for links in” where to scan for broken links

broken link checker wordpres plugin
Check the “Custom fields” If you are using custom fields and want to check the links there.

The rest is transparent and understandable. Explanation is not required.

Which Links To Check

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Which Links To Check the type of verifiable references

On this blog I’m using HTML links, HTML text links, images and videos from YouTube with new and old code. These types of links I mentioned.

Protocols and APIs

Choice of protocols and APIs that will be checked by reference to the excepted. The default “Basic HTTP” with its task quite cope and I did not change anything here.

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Advanced Settings of Broken Link Checker Plugin

Timeout: Numeric values displayed by default, optimal and change them to emergency situations.

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Link monitor: a check mark in the top line activates the continuous operation of the plugin Panel while login to dashboard. Tick below allows the plugin to work in the background.

By pressing the button “Re-check all pages” plugin cleans its database on links and re-examine the website again.

Fix Broken links

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Open found a plugin with links to edit them. To do this, in the Admin Panel, go to “Tools”? “Wrong links”. Or click on the link “found … wrong links “from the” General “settings.

Search for Broken Links

All the broken links found is presented in a table with full information:

– The URL (Web address link);
– Status (type of error-403, 404, 500, 503, etc.);
– Type/text (graphics, text, …, link/anchor links);
– The source (where the link is located).
For mass action over a link, located at the top left drop-down menu:

Broken Link Checker Mass actions

– Bulk Actions (mass);
– Edit URL;
– Recheck (recheck);
– Fix redirects (fix redirect);
– Mark as not broken (marked as not damaged);
– Remove link;

Moving the cursor on the link underneath you will see a list of commands to perform actions on each link separately. This is the complete guide about how to fix broken link in wordpress as well as its redirection. It is possible that i have missed anything because i am a human, than you can add it by using our comment section.


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Designing a Marketing Strategy For Customers

Once we fully understand the consumer and market nature, it will be so easy to design a customer driven marketing strategy. Marketing manager is the key; its aim is to stay close with the needs of customers and trends in the marketplace. To create a successful marketing strategy, we must focus on two things:

Which Customers to Serve (Marketing Target)

Serve Customers Well (Value Proposition)

Today I will try my level best to talk about on these two main prospects for creating a customer driven marketing strategy.

Selecting the Marketing Target

First of all, a company must choose the target area/serving area. It will happen by dividing the market into different sections according to the customers. Some of the marketer’s thing that good marketing means is to finding as much customers as they can to increase the demand. But a good planner always thought that it will become hard to satisfy a bunch of customers, so specific choosing of customers is always good to manage and to build profitable relations.

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

You can read more about General Marketing Strategies and Global Factors

Some of the marketers also work on a strategy to reduce the customers and demand. For example if the demand of a product or service is increasing rapidly and it is unable to control the customer flow toward such product, a negative strategy will be promoted in the marketplace to control the customer demand. So it depends on marketing manager to select the timing and level before targeting a market, we can say in more simple words that to manage the market is to manage the demand.

Selecting a Value Proposition

Once you have selected the customers, now the thing comes that how to serve the customer? How you differentiate in market and what are your positions. Value proposition is a collective outcome of your strategies and marketing plans to satisfy the customer and demand.

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

Your value proposition will differentiate your service or product from other brands, and then a common question will raise by customer that why your brand? Why not your competitor’s?

You must design a strong customer driven marketing strategy to avoid such questions. Obviously when your offer is much greater than your competitor, customer is yours. But not only offers make the difference, as I mentioned in my previous article on Customer Needs and Marketing Plans.

To answer your questions and comments is always my priority task to do. Feel free to ask anything relevant to the discussion.

You can read more about Orientations of Marketing and Management

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In this article we will discuss about how to add numbered page navigation in wordpress. In the admin panel of your WordPress blog, there is a parameter with the name “Reading” on the setting tab, this parameter have the option that your blog posts display no more than the “default 10 Posts on home page or in category.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

And when you reach the 12 posts than there a link appear with the name “before” at the bottom of the home page or category page. Its the default page navigation. This will only be good if you have not more than 15-20 posts.

But when you have a large number of posts on your website, definitely all the visitors can’t notice this single link. So, this is not a good page navigation because it is not user friendly.

Fix it with the help of page navigation WordPress plugin named WP Page Numbers. After installing, activating, and configuring a plugin, your blog will have such a comfortable wordpress page navigation.

Installation of WP Page Numbers : A plugin for page navigation

Download the plugin WP Page Numbers here
Activate the plugin.
Configuring WP Page Numbers.
(Note:If you don’t know how to install a plugin read it here)

Go to your Admin Panel → Settings → Page Numbers.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Configuration of WP Page Numbers plugin

1. Page Number Themes
First of all Tick it “Include theme style sheet for page numbers” and thus allow to display page navigation. Below choose the most suitable for your template style page navigation.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

2. Settings Text
In these settings, I instead of “Default tet Page” i used “of”.

3. Settings-show/hide
Here it is better to leave all checkboxes to display complete information on the selected theme on your wordpress blog paging navigation.

4. Settings-Misc
Enter the number of pages displayed in the navigation panel up to three dots. If you leave the field blank, the default is 10 pages, if zero, without restrictions.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

5. Instructions – Code to add to your theme
Open the index.php file for which go to your admin panel → appearance → Basic Editor template (index.php).

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Locate the code that contains the word “previous” and “before”.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Replace it with the new code provided under “Code to add in your theme”.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Do the same with the file “archive.php” responsible for finding posts in each category.

You can’t find easily “previous” and “before” text in some of the themes index.php file. So, if you don’t find these words In this case, insert our code before the code <!-#container->. (a) at the end of the file for deletion, have already become redundant links “previous” and “next entry”, delete the file loop.php row with the following content:

<? php next_posts_link (_ (‘? Older posts ‘, ‘ twentyten ‘));? >
<? php previous_posts_link (_ (‘ Newer posts? ‘, ‘ twentyten ‘));? >


Remove links next posts and previous posts buttons in wordpress

Don’t forget to update file.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Now your blog has found a comfortable and beautiful paged navigation. This is the step by step guide about how to get page navigation in wordpress. If you stuck in any problem, feel free to contact us or comment on it.


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Marketing Plans and Customers Needs

The first step for marketers is to understand the needs of customers and the knowledge of relevant operating markets. Marketing is all about human nature, such as:

Nature = Market

Change in Nature = Change in Market

United States Nature = United States Market

Understand the Customer Nature

Marketing is meant to be for humans, and human nature changes around the globe, so we can say the strategies of marketing a business or product are also different according to the nature/area. Food, clothing, lifestyle, society and affections these are the things which are not created by marketers, but these are the basic needs of human life. Please be clear this is not a physiology class, I am just making it easy to understand 🙂 These factors are shaped by civilization and personalities, like the needs and lifestyle of American people are different than Russian people, such change in human nature effects strongly while marketing a product or service in a specific marketplace.

You can read more about Marketing Strategies Global Factors

Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

The most successful companies and organizations around us are using the same strategy to promote their business. They interact with their customers face to face, they invite them to dinner, they visit their houses, just to understand their needs, demands and area of interest and this is the most efficient way to understand your customer fully. Always focus on your customers externally; it helps to judge the customer demands.

Make Offers and Deliver Reliable Services

Customer’s need and demand can only be fulfilled, if your offer is comparatively better and convenient. Offer does not mean that you are selling a product on low price but you are also providing other activities and support. The most common mistake in marketing that the seller is only focusing on selling the product to buyer, rather than focusing on the benefits and experience will produced by that product for the user/buyer. Such marketers crashed badly in the market and that specific product become unstable. Only to focus on selling your services or products and to neglect customer’s satisfaction is a bad way of marketing.

Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

The smart way of marketing is to look beyond the services or products you sell, make your product useful to your customer rather than filling your pocket with un-deserve able cash. Customer only want such offer which stimulate the mind relax the nerves and easy to accept.

Customer Satisfaction is Everything

Customers are usually used to check a lot of products before buying one. Can we analysis how they choose among billions of marketing offers? They made up their mind by checking the reviews on your customer service and then they trusted you to buy a product or service from you. Satisfied customers became your returning customers, not due to the quality of your product but because of your customer service and satisfaction.

Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

Expectations for a product or service must be settled in a medium way for your customers. If you set the expectation level too low that might satisfy the buyer for a time frame but that buyer will definitely fail to attract other buyers to buy your product. If you set too high expectations for your product, simply buyers will be disappointed and results will be the same.

You can read more about Orientations of Marketing and Management

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General Marketing Strategies and Global Factors

Marketing is more than any other business need and to deal with your customers. If you are looking for a quite simple answer of your question that what is marketing actually, I must say that to maintain profitable and honest relationship with your customer is marketing. The basic need of marketing is to gain more and new customers by offering good and comparative deals and to keep growing your current business.

My personal research is always about world’s largest retailers and companies, and only one thing I found in common and that is pricing. It is not good to assume that low price means low quality, but products or services with low prices always get more chances of promotion. Such companies know that if they will provide good customer services and low prices, market shares and profits will follow them eventually.

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

Tip: Always use the work “low prices”; do not ever use the word “cheap prices”. It’s a sort of negative thing.

You can read more about Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

Marketing is the key of success to every business, organization and firm. We are fully surrounded with marketing, and we already know enough about it, but do we? There are so much other aspects of marketing rather than understanding the people mind. Behind the scene, there is a network of people and their needs to be fulfilled and gain your attention. Some of the major factors of today’s marketing are:

Defining the Market

Marketing is not all about to sell and advertise, but there is no doubt that our daily life routine is full with marketing and promotions, such as; television commercials, receiving sales calls, online shopping platforms Etc. However only to sell and advertise is just a starting line in the marketing race. Only to focus on selling your product or service is the old trend of marketing, we have to learn latest techniques of marketing, or we must have to travel into past using a delicate time machine 😛

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

Requirement of marketing in modern era is to satisfy your customer needs first, than market your product and then sell. If your marketing is fully focused on understanding the needs of customer, your sales and leads will generate automatically. My personal experience in sales business is to promote the offers about customer satisfaction and comparatively low prices on products, and not to irritate people by over marketing the products, and what is happening? Sales are increasing like mushrooms 🙂

Successful marketing is to meet the customer satisfaction and to build profitable relationship with your customer at same time.

The Process for Marketing

To know about marketing is not enough until you perform it. For this purpose there are 5 simple steps you can follow to achieve your marking goals.

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

  1. Understand the Customer Needs and Wants and Study the Market Trends
  2. Prepare an Obstacle less Marketing Strategy
  3. Create a Marketing Circle of Profit Based Values
  4. Make your Customer Happy
  5. Get your Reward in Return

These are some really simple and easy to work on requirements in the process of marketing, first 4 steps are to satisfy your customer and their needs simply. The final and 5th step is the most important in all manners. It will help you to win your customer trust and obviously some cash as well 🙂

PS: Customer is Boss, King, Prince and Superior, do whatever he demands. That’s the road to glory.

You can read more about Orientations of Marketing and Management

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In the modern information age, even shoe workshop promotion is tricky to compete for customers without the presence on the Internet. But not every business owner decided to create a website due to expensiveness or don’t know how to make a website. However, there is a solution.

Most of my users asked me to write a step by step guide on how to make a website. So, in this article, you’ll learn how to create a website on WordPress and I will try to give all the possible answers to their questions like how to make a website using wordpress, how to build a website with WordPress, how to install theme, how to use WordPress, how to customize a theme, how to install a plugin etc. Making yourself  the qualitative and functional Internet resource is suitable for attracting and converting traffic.

If you know how to deal with such tools, you should go exactly for a website on WordPress.

First question will rise on our mind is here:

What is WordPress and why we use it

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). According to Web Technology Surveys on this engine, as of last year 23.8% of the total number of existing websites are based on it and 60.4% of remaining websites are using different CMS. This is the brief introduction and answer to the question what is wordpress.

Listed below are the main reasons for the popularity of WordPress:

• Free Engine: CMS WordPress is distributed under an open license agreement (GNU GPL). You can freely use this product for any purpose you want, including commercial use.

• Virtually Unlimited Possibilities. Using WordPress you can make a personal blog, corporate website, online shop, information portal, resource industry and multimedia gallery.

If you think that WordPress is only suitable for personal blogs? You are mistaken. WordPress is used by most popular websites like The New Yorker, Reuters, TechCrunch, the Republican party United States, the Fortune and many other large media corporations and organizations.

• Customized Appearance and Behavior. Website owners on WordPress can avail both free and paid templates that you can use to customize the external resource.

And with the help of plugins you can solve technical problems, it provides the necessary functionality for the website.

• Ease of Administration. To work with WordPress, you do not need special skills. How to work with the “WordPress” is understandable even for beginners.

• The Ability to Build a Website. Publish content within 5 minutes. Of course, you have to spend a lot of time to turn formulaic product into something new and interesting. But on first publication it will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Well, have decided to make a website on WordPress? 

For your convenience, the information in it is merged into the following sections:

1. How to choose web hosting and register a domain

2. How to install WordPress

3. How to install theme on wordpress

4. How to use WordPress CMS

5. A basic set of plugins for WordPress: how to install a plugin

6. How do I add Google Analytics tracking code

7. How to publish a posts/page/content

How to Choose Web Hosting and Register a Domain

If you have a non-commercial project, choose free Web hosting. For example, share your photos with the world or keep a diary of your work on the WordPress platform.

In this case, your URL will look like this: (Read it in detail about how to develop a blog on WordPress)

If you are implementing a commercial project, for example, create a theme blog, corporate website or plan to make using the resource in any way. Choose the paid hosting.


Not keep keep your head busy examining and comparing the technical characteristics of the hosting, for example, the size of disk space, downloading channel, bandwidth etc believe me, in the first months and year of the existence of your website to work properly, you will have enough requirements that some average hosting provider is offering you.

Therefore, contact the Sales Department of a reliable company that provides hosting services, describe your needs and then with the help of a consultant choose a suitable tariff plan.

To choose a reliable hosting provider, review ratings and companies reviews by searching using google or you can read our guide on how to choose web hosting. If you don’t have time for this, use the services of one of the following companies:

• Godaddy

• Hostgator

• Bluehost

• Dream Host

The hosting company will also help you for domain’s registration. It is not enough only to come up with a domain name, make sure that it’s free or paid.

How to Make sure that the Chosen Domain name is Free or Paid

The following guidelines will help you choose a good domain name:

• Choose a domain name, partially or completely the same as you think the name of the business or brand. For example you want to promote your pizza business and your brand name is “setpizza”, then you should choose your domain name such as (partial match) or (exact match).

• Use the shortest possible domain name. It is difficult for smartphone owners to enter a long address in the browser.

• Make sure that the selected website address is easy to remember and it makes sense.

How to install WordPress

After the purchase of hosting and domain name registration, you can install WordPress.

(Note: some hosting providers offer plans with pre-installed WordPress CMS. If you choose one of them, go to the next step of the Guide. If you have purchased Web hosting without the WordPress, follow the instructions:)

• Go to your cpanel account provided by hosting provider and find out the “Softaculous” and click on it. In my case there is the software with the name “site software”. If your hosting provider not provide any software for wordpress installation than you have to install wordpress munally via ftp.

how to make a website

• My hosting provider has already been installed wordpress software so just click on WordPress.

how to make a website

• Now fill all the information.

• Remove the directory “wordpress” from the “installation url”.

how to make a website

• Now Hit on Submit button.

If you did everything correctly, your wordpress has been installed which you can access by going “”.

(Note : If you want to install wordpress on localhost check this guide)

How to choose Theme for WordPress

Template or WordPress theme is responsible for the appearance functionality of the resource. In other words, using the themes you can customize website on a standard engine.

Follow the Questions and its Answers while choosing Theme:

• What template is better to choose? A typical or Adaptive? If you intend to create a mobile version of the website, be sure to choose a template with an adaptive layout. Due to this, your website will be mobile-friendly.

• Is it better to choose free or paid theme? If you are just starting to work with WordPress, it’s better to choose a paid template. The paid theme usually get updates by the developers regularly, as well as information support.

• Where to find the Template? Google knows where the WordPress themes are exists. On the page of SERP (search engine result pages) you will see many directories of topics. You can search for templates on various grounds: subjects, properties, design style, color, etc. for example, you can choose the appropriate Adaptive template.

How to install WordPress Theme

• Download the theme from the developer’s site.

• From Administrative Panel select “Appearance – > Theme.

how to make a website

• Click on “Add New”.

• On the installation page, specify the path to the distribution files. Click “Install”.

how to make a website

• Activate the theme. Go to “Appearance – > Theme, select the template you want and then click the” activate “button.

how to make a website

You have installed and activated your favorite template. Now start to configure the WordPress and theme.

How to Setup/Customize WordPress Theme

At this point, you need to pay attention to basic content management system settings that are available without installing additional plugins. You should also configure the theme.

Setting Up WordPress CMS

Log in to WordPress Administration Panel and click the “Settings” menu. Enter the necessary data in each section:

• In the General section. Specify the name and a short description of your website. This information will be displayed to users. In the fields “Address” and “WordPress site address”, specify the URL of your website.

how to make a website

Select the time zone, date format, language of the site. Leave the field empty “membership”, as in the first phase of resource development on it. It will register only bots and malicious users.

• Writing Section : Select the options you want. At the beginning of the work default settings are suitable, formatting of the main headings and posts format. If you want to publish your notes via email, enter the required information: server address, port, login and password. But for novices it is better to publish posts in the Administrative Panel of WordPress.

how to make a website

Be sure to include at least one reliable tracking service for updates in the section “Update Services”. In this case, the WordPress will automatically notify to search engines about the publication of new materials. For example, select Tools Save your changes.

• Read Section : Specify that you want to appear on the main page of the website. If you create a blog then your home page should be filled with recent posts. As an example, a famous marketing blog Abdul Raheem.

If you make a website using wordpress with static pages, then on the home page appear a single page. In this case, create a static page “Blog”, which will display the posts.

how to make a website

Specify the number of posts to display on a single page and in RSS feeds. If you don’t want to search engines from indexing your site for some reason, check the appropriate box.

• Discussion : in the section select the appropriate options. In most cases, the default settings are suitable for you. Pay attention to the fields of the “Moderate comments” and “Black list”.

how to make a website

You can specify the grounds on which comments will be queued before publication to moderation or will be in the list of “spam”.

• In the section of “Media” leave the default settings.

• In the section “permalinks” select the best link structure of your website.

For example, the reference may include the title of the post and the date of publication or only the title of the post. You can also add prefixes for the category links.

Theme Configuration

Remember that each template has its own settings. Choose the best suitable options from theme setting. The following setting is of my theme that i have used while making this guide.

From WordPress Admin Panel select Appearance – > Customize. Start to configure:

how to make a website

• In the section Title, Tagline & logo, add a title and a short description of your site.

how to make a website

• In the Main section of the Slider you can choose the settings slider. Don’t waste your time on it. It is better not to use the slider at all. First, it makes your site more difficult. Secondly, it is considered to be an element, unfriendly to mobile devices.

• Section Design & Layout you can customize the appearance and layout of the website. You can choose to display the blog posts in one, two or three columns. Also you have the possibility to choose the width of the sidebar, or you can disable the sidebar for some or all pages.

You can also use user-defined stylesheet and specify arbitrary information in the footer.

• In the colors section, click the background color of the title and a brief description of the site.

• Google Web Fonts section, you can select Internet fonts from Google.

• The Social Icons indicate links to your profiles on social networks.

• Under “header image” and “background image” you can download and select the appropriate photo.

Skip the sections “Widgets” and “Static home page. Static page you’ve already set up and configure best widgets in the theme menu.

How to use Widgets in WordPress

To do this, select the section “Appearance – > Widgets. In the left part of the screen you can see the available widgets. Drag the required items in the sidebar or footer of the website by drag-and-drop.

how to make a website

Configure widgets and save your changes.

(Note: Do not overload the Sidebar widgets. Leave only that ones users actually need.)

How to Configure Website menu in WordPress

In the section “Appearance – > Menu” configure your website menu. Stick to this algorithm:

• Enter the Name of the menu and then click “Create menu”.

how to make a website

• Add the desired top-level page on the menu.

• In the settings page, select the link text that will appear in the menu.

• Specify the location of your menu.

how to make a website

Solve Practical Problems using Plugins for WordPress

Plugins is hardly the most dangerous disease for beginner website owners on WordPress.

To successfully develop a website, use the plugins with caution, unknown source for downloading plugin can cause different errors. Read in detail here common wordpress errors. Install plugins only when you want to have additional functionality or to solve a specific task.

Using plugins, you can perform the following tasks:

• Ensuring the security of the website.

• The fight against spam.

• Technical resource optimization in accordance with the requirements of search engines.

• Improve the functionality and usability.

How to use Plugins to Ensure the Security of a Website on WordPress

Your website is exposed to two global threats. The first is you yourself. The pursuit of excellence and innovation can make you go for risky experiments with the code and programs that may lead to data loss.

Guard against this, you can use the plugins, creating backups of the website.

The second threat is unauthorized access to a resource. Malicious users might try to access your site to install malicious code or just steal it.

To perform regular backups of the website, use one of the following plugins:

• WP-DB-Backup

• WP Backup Bank

• BackUpWordPress

• UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

How to Install a Plugin & How to take Backup

To install the selected plugin, go to the menu “Plugins – > Add new. Enter the name  of the plugin (WP DB Backup) in the search box in the upper right corner and press ENTER.

how to make a website

Also you can download the plugin from the developer’s website and install it by using the “upload plugin” at the top of the screen, the Administrative Panel.

Looking for the correct and required plugin and Click “install plugin”.

how to make a website

After installation, activate the plugin.

Now you can configure backup options. Here you can get step by step information about how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Choose Tools -> Backup

In the section “Table settings” tick “exclude spam comments”. Under “backup settings” select the method for saving the file.

how to make a website

For example, you can get it at your e-mail address. In the section “Schedule backup”, select backup frequency. At the first stage of development of the resource, you can do a backup once a week.

how to make a website

To protect the website from unauthorized access, use one of the plugins:

• IP Whitelist For Limit Login Attempts checkbox

• Limit Login Attempts checkbox, Jeb

• Limit Login Attempts checkbox

• iThemes Security

• Simple Security Firewall

For example, install and activate Login Attempts checkbox Limit Jeb. This plugin will block the IP of the attacker for 30 minutes after three unsuccessful attempts to log in to the Administrative Panel of wordpress.

So you protect yourself from hacker: hacking website by guessing the password of your new build website on wordpress..

How to Fight against Spam using WordPress Plugins

Don’t be surprised, if immediately after the registration of the website it will appear the comments with advertising viagra and machine tools for metal cutting.

Spam-bots never sleeps. Basic protection from them provides the correct engine setting. And you can create additional strengthening using plugins.

Follow some of the plugin for spam protection:

• Akismet


• Antispam Bee

• Antispam by Clean Talk (the call is charged)

Here we will use akismet. Install it and activate the plugin.

How to Activate Akismet

Click on the highlighted marked on the link to get the API key.

On the page that opens enter your registration details. Select the appropriate tariff. You can read the detail about how to activate Akismet using API here.

how to make a website

After completing the registration click the Continue button, copy the code and paste it in the appropriate box on the settings page of the plugin.

How to use plugins to optimize your website in WordPress in accordance with the requirements of search engines.

Using SEO plugins you can ensure the technical requirements with respect to search engines.

In particular, additional modules can solve the following tasks:

• Creating and updating sitemaps

• URL Canonicalization

• Optimization of Meta Titles

• Automatic generation of meta-data pages

• Blocking indexing of duplicate content

 To create a Sitemap, use one of the following plugins:

• Google XML Sitemaps

• Simple WP Sitemap

• Google Sitemap

Install and activate the selected plugin, for example, Google XML Sitemap. To configure the plugin, go to settings -> XML Sitemap.

it is best to leave the default settings for New webmasters. After activating the plugin create the sitemap and added its address in the robots.txt file to notify the search engines about updates resource.

how to make a website

If you consider yourself an experienced webmaster, you can change the settings of the plugin.

In the section “additional pages” you can manually include in sitemap URLs that were not included into it automatically.

In the section “Post Priority” define how calculated priority indexing content. Under “Change frequency” and “priorities” you can recommend Search bots to the highest priority in your opinion for content types.

For technical optimization or SEO of the resource, use one of the following plugins:

• All in One SEO Pack

• WordPress SEO by Yoast

• Platinum SEO Pack

Install and activate the selected plugin, for example, All in One SEO Pack. Use default settings if you are just getting started with WordPress.

Best Configuration of All in One SEO Pack

If you consider yourself an advanced webmaster, you can change some settings of the SEO module.

Note the following settings:

• In the section “General settings”, clear the check box next to Use Markup. You intend to mark up the page by using a separate plugin.

how to make a website

• If you use the home page of posts, the settings section of the main page (homepage), specify the title, description and keywords. If the master uses a static page, check the box to “enable” it.

In the section “settings for webmasters” specify the verification code in the Resource for webmasters Google.

how to make a website

To do this, add your website to google search console . Login to google account and go to webmaster. Add new property, click the alternate methods of verification. Copy the part of the HTML shown on highlighted area.

Paste it in the “Google Webmaster Tools” in the plugin settings page.

Save plugin options. In the tab for webmasters then click “confirm”.

For the layout of the pages, use one of the following plugins:

• Schema Creator by Raven

• Itemprop WP for SERP/SEO

• Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets

Install and activate the selected plugin. Newcomers better pay attention to the Schema by the Creator Raven. Now you can mark up the page when creating new publications. For this new post in edit mode use the menu Add Schema.

Select the appropriate type of markup. In the above example this is the type of Recipe.

For example we choose the type of markup “recipe”

In the menu that opens, specify the required information. For markup type “recipe”you can specify the name and the author’s dishes, when you publish a link to photo and description, publication date, cooking time, calories, fat, sugar and sodium, ingredients, as well as the cooking process.

Click Insert and publish the entry.

The data from which search engines generate expanded snippet, appear at the end of the article as a tie-in. In edit mode you can move them anywhere on the note.

How to use Plugins to Enhance the Functionality and Usability of a Resource

As noted above, some website owners on WordPress are addicted to install dozens or even hundreds of plugins. To avoid this error, start to increase functionality and improve usability not with plugins and by identifying the problems and tasks that you want to solve.

For example, if you want to create an online shop on WordPress, search plugins for eCommerce.

If you believe that the system’s navigation is not user friendly, search plugins that you can use to add bread crumbs to pages in your site, as well as links to related materials.

With the help of plugins you can add form fast communication with the owner of the website, display them in the sidebar list of most active commentators, to demonstrate to visitors the subscription form and solve other tasks.

Now all the URL of your website look humanly.

If you have survived a strong desire to improve the website, add social button to share your content on social networks. This can be achieved in different ways including through the use of plugins.

Select the ”Share Buttons” for Social plugin WordPress. It lets you publish buttons share the most popular social networks. Go to the Share menu Buttons to configure the plugin.

how to make a website

In the section “Main settings” specify the text you want to display before the buttons. Also select the types of pages where you want to display the button.

In the section Share -> settings, choose the button style and list of social networks, which buttons you want to see on the website.

Like section – settings, disable the “like” button, since they actually duplicate buttons share.

Disable the “like” button, because you need for site development rather than”likes”

How to install Analytic code by Google on WordPress

Designated subtitle problem is solved in different ways. For example, when you install the plugin All in One SEO Pack you are already hooked up to the tab resource for webmasters Google.

 To register a website in Google Analytics, perform the following steps:

• Log in to your account,  Add the analytics property.

• Enter the registration data of a site: title, URL, time zone. Click on the “get trackingID”.

how to make a website

• Install and activate Google Analytics by Yoast or similar plugin.

• On the plugin settings page, click the “sign up using your profile in Google. Copy the proposed code and paste it in the appropriate field.

• Select the required profile and save the changes to the analysis.

• Check whether the dimension code on the pages of the website. This can be done manually in by using source of the page. You can also check the status menu tracking Google Analytics tracking code administrator is the tracking code.

(Please note, Google Analytics requires a few hours to update status tracking).

Now you can track the effectiveness of your website in the Google Analytics interface. Some data are also available in the menu “Analytics – console administrative panel of WordPress.

How to make Posts and Pages

You take the good: configured/make website on WordPress and prepared him to publish content. Now you can create a static page and publish content on your blog.

How to create a Static page in WordPress

Follow such a course of action:

• Select “Add new page”.

• Select Edit mode: Visual or text.

how to make a website

• Add the page title and text.

• Add image. You can do this by using the menu “Add media”. In Append mode, specify the image file name and fill in the “alt” Attribute.

• Specify the title, description and keywords.

• If necessary, using the Add Schema menu.

• Specify the page attributes. You can select the parent page and serial number for the generated page.

• If you wish, set Featured post.

• Now you can view a page in preview or publish it immediately.

After publishing check display content. If necessary, edit the page.

Now the static page is ready

How to make a post on wordpress

To add a post, select “add new post”. Publication of the post is almost identical to the Create page.

Note the following nuances:

• Most templates supports multiple Posts formats.

• Choose the appropriate category for the publication. To create a category, use the appropriate menu.

how to make a website

• You can add to Post label/tags. If you use the plugin All in One SEO Pack but tags can be omitted.

You have created/make and configured the website to WordPress and have learned to publish content. Now you will find the most difficult and responsible work.

That site was effective, you should regularly create a quality and useful content for the audience. Engine capacity enough to implement virtually any project from resource to an online store.

By the way, if you have any questions, comments and suggestions related to the creation and configuration of the website, please write them in the comments.

You can also share experience with WordPress CMS, tell about your favorite plugins, point out the pros and cons of the most popular engine in the world.

If you stuck in any problem on how to make a website you can contact us for any WordPress Website Development Solutions at worksole. We will be much obliged to assist you in better way.







































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After reading this article, you will learn what is a local server, why do I need it and after then how to run wordpress site on local host or on your computer.

What is the advantages of localhost and why it is necessary

A tremendous convenience for webmasters, who had only planned to create new or another Website. You can first create a website locally, configure it, choose and install a theme, tweak design, install the required plugins and so on. And then upload it to the hosting for free access.

Redesign and other repair work. Customers will see immediately the finished product, rather than the raw material, which will be in the intermediate stage. Some webmasters, at the time of large-scale works with the website, put to him by the so-called “plugins-stub”, thus losing traffic. Visitor instead of required information sees the page like “site under construction“. To avoid these things, we have the need to setup the website on localhost.

Localhost is a good decision to test plugins like reCaptcha, may be use face any kind of issue like wordpress errors due to non-authentic plugin, edit the template files or engine, test scripts, and so on. Why pay for a single domain, occupy space on hosting when you can just create a website on the local server.
-No Internet connection required. This quality will appeal to those who have limited Internet traffic or too slow.
-Much more then what I remembered, but you left in the comments.

Requirements for installing site on localhost

Some very good people, to facilitate our lives, created an installation package, such as XAMPP or Wamp. XAMPP includes Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. You have to do almost nothing, only click the mouse a few times. Why XAMPP? Because he’s got some very tangible benefits over their competitors:

-The most popular PHP Developer Suite;
– Easy installation and Setup;
– Completely free.
You can download the xampp with his page here.

After downloading, run the installation. During installation, do not change anything, each new window click “Next”.

configure site on localhost

click next

configure site on localhost

also click next with no change

configure site on localhost

xampp installation in under process

Important: at the end of the installation, my Skype blocked the installation of a local server. If you are also worth this application, temporarily disable it.

At the fourth stage of the installation, if you do not clear the check box in a browser there opens a new window where you will be offered to download the XAMPP module that allows you to install on a local server running WordPress or any other CMS.

The seventh and final stage of the installation, leave the tick-mark at startup options in Control Panel and click on “Finish”. In consequence, this Panel can be opened by double-clicking the xampp-control.exe file that is located in (by default, C:\xampp).

configure site on localhost

In the result pane, click the queue on the “Start” button for Apache and MySql.

configure site on localhost

Now your local server runs and to see this, type http://localhost in your browser’s address bar. To open the page with the following content:

Now your local server runs and to see this, type http://localhost in your browser's address bar. To open the page with the following content:

How to install wordpress on localhost xampp

As is known, none of the projects running on WordPress or another engine, without a database and without that the engine could not be born. This we are going to now.

Installing the database on a local server

Open the control panel local server (file xampp-control.exe) and click on Admin for MySQL.

Go to the Panel on the “databases” tab or on the link “Create database“.

Now your local server runs and to see this, type http://localhost in your browser's address bar. To open the page with the following content:

In a new browser tab opens the Admin Panel phpMyAdmin.

Now your local server runs and to see this, type http://localhost in your browser's address bar. To open the page with the following content:

To avoid confusion in the future, as the database name, enter the name of your site (domain). On the local server, you can create many sites and each of them will have its own database. Click on “create”. The database has been created, we have to install WP.

Installing of WordPress on localhost

Download the latest version of WordPress from the page Archive unpack and copy the folder “wordpress” in the folder “htdocs” with xampp installed.

configure site on localhost

The folder “wordpress” rename and give it the name that you gave the database when it is created. In this renamed folder, locate the file wp-config-sample.php.

configure site on localhost

Open it with a text editor, you can use a simple Notepad, but better in Notepad ++. Edit three lines as shown in the figure below.

configure site on localhost

Save the file as the wp-the config.php, without extension ” sample “. Old wp-config-sample.php can be removed.

Now was the final touch. In the browser address bar, type http: // localhost / database name and press enter on the keyboard. The following page opens:

configure site on localhost

fill out all the information that we have provided while creating new database.

configure site on localhost

now you have fill out information for wordpress admin panel

configure site on localhost

After a few seconds, you will be notified about the successful completion of the operation.

Click on “button Login .” You’ll see what happens :-). I congratulate you! You’ve just created a local site on the local server!
configure site on localhost



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Every website owner dreams to increase its traffic and this just need to conduct work firstly on its internal and than external optimizations. Despite the fact that WordPress is already a ground for search engines and good friend with bots, but may still need special plugins to enhance the SEO Work.

We bring to your attention a selection of the top ten must have WordPress plugins free that are useful for your website or business for seo or getting traffic from search engines.

Best Plugins for WordPress

1- WordPress SEO by Yoast

best wordpress plugins

This one is of the free and the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress by Yoast. Yoast SEO plugin is designed for search engine optimization and is already being used by millions of users worldwide.

Its capabilities are included standard set for optimizing meta tags, it is also possible to create a sitemap, configure robots.txt and .htaccess by using yoast seo. In addition, you will find tools for optimizing RSS. We will discuss in detail about RSS configuration in WordPress and feeeburner.

There’s still a paid/Premium version of this plugin with more advance features.

2- All in one SEO Pack Best SEO Plugin

best wordpress plugins

All in one SEO pack is the second most popular and one of the first plugins which was introduced for search engine optimization of wordpress website. This has almost all features with respect to search engine optimization and is very easy to Setup.

With it, you can easily optimize every page of your website separately, by optimizing all the internal or On Page optimization fields.. We will discuss this plugins option in detail soon.

3- Seo Friendly Images : Best SEO Plugin for wordpress

best wordpress plugins

This plugin is designed for search engine optimization of images that are added to your website. By using it you can partially automate work processes with tags for each image, which allows you to significantly improve your website graphical content indexing in search engines.

4- Google Analyticator

best wordpress plugins

This plugin will be useful for those who work with Google Analytics. It allows you to view all analytics data without leaving your website administration panel. So, you can easily analyze your popular pages, queries, top referrals and other information related to your website and user interaction. This is most necessary plugin in the list of best wordpress seo plugins.

5- Local Search SEO Contact Page

best wordpress plugins

Local Search SEO Contact Page will be a great solution for beginners who are new to website optimization. The plugin is easy to install and easy to configure. With its help, you can easily add a button to your website social networks, Google maps etc.

6- SEO Ultimate

best wordpress plugins

This plugin is a generic for SEO optimization for WordPress. With its help you can control the headers and meta tags, keywords and many others.

7- W3 Total Cache

best wordpress plugins

This plugin is used for caching, which allows you to significantly increase the speed of loading pages, which in turn would have a positive impact on search engine optimization. This plugin will compress and optimize all the project files. Download it here.

8- Rank Scanner : Rank Tracker

best wordpress plugins

Rank Tracker is designed to keep track of website position by keywords in SERP. As a result, the data collected are provided in the form of a report every three days. In addition, notifications come whenever you change from the google search ranking.

9- WP Social SEO Booster : Best Plugin

best wordpress plugins

Plugin is intended to improve the ranking on the Google and other search engines. It works by adding a micro data like Facebook Open Graph and postcards on Twitter, as well as the introduction of confirmation of authorship. Download it here.

10- Broken Link Checker

best wordpress plugins

And ends through our SEO plugins for WordPress, expanding to find and fix the broken links of your website, which is enough to affect his promotion. Broken links are eroding speed indexing of your website, which in turn affects the traffic and ranking. Broken link checker will be very helpful to solve this problem.  We will discuss soon about How to find and fix broken links in wordpress.