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Broken links lead to “Nowhere” and nothing but harm. So, it is necessary to find it out and fix them to save the ranking of your website.Internet users and especially the search engines really don’t like these links.

How to Find Broken Links

Most common way is to check all the links manually to find broken links. It can be done in small size websites which have hardly 50-100 pages but for such website which have 5000-10000 pages, it is also possible but manually checking links is too tedious and time taking task.

To perform this task, there are a number of wordpress plugins and one of the most popular among them is Broken Link Checker.

In this article we will discuss in detail about how to find the broken links in a website and its fixing by using broken link checker wordpress plugin :

The plugin is a mini boat, whose main task is t o scan pages and search for the broken links.

Broken Link Checker wordpress Plugin

Download the latest version of Broken Link Checker plugin from his page which can be found here. After installing and activating the plugin is already the standard way to start its work with the default settings.

broken link checker wordpres plugin

We’ll be doing until you configure it. Go to Admin Panel “Settings”? “Link checker”. If you don’t know how to install a plugin check this article.

Configuration of Broken Link Checker


broken link checker wordpres plugin

Status : It will show broken link in your website as a hyperlink which will proceed to your broken links where you can edit or delete it easily.

The Frequency of checks : In case of permanent operation of this plugin, it will check your website links by default every 72 hours. Option for very large portals like forums where life abounds and customers constantly leave links
(Note : After scanning the broken links and its fixation, deactivate the plugin until the next scan scheduled, because its working slow down your blog loading speed)

E-mail Notifications: Put the tick in the first line, you will be notified by E-mail (listed in the WordPress settings) about your broken links. A check mark in the second line activates sending such notifications to authors of posts.

Link Tweaks : styles setting for unhealthy and deleted links checked in first and second respectively. A check mark in the third line will prevent search engines from indexing does not correct references.

“Look for links in” where to scan for broken links

broken link checker wordpres plugin
Check the “Custom fields” If you are using custom fields and want to check the links there.

The rest is transparent and understandable. Explanation is not required.

Which Links To Check

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Which Links To Check the type of verifiable references

On this blog I’m using HTML links, HTML text links, images and videos from YouTube with new and old code. These types of links I mentioned.

Protocols and APIs

Choice of protocols and APIs that will be checked by reference to the excepted. The default “Basic HTTP” with its task quite cope and I did not change anything here.

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Advanced Settings of Broken Link Checker Plugin

Timeout: Numeric values displayed by default, optimal and change them to emergency situations.

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Link monitor: a check mark in the top line activates the continuous operation of the plugin Panel while login to dashboard. Tick below allows the plugin to work in the background.

By pressing the button “Re-check all pages” plugin cleans its database on links and re-examine the website again.

Fix Broken links

broken link checker wordpres plugin

Open found a plugin with links to edit them. To do this, in the Admin Panel, go to “Tools”? “Wrong links”. Or click on the link “found … wrong links “from the” General “settings.

Search for Broken Links

All the broken links found is presented in a table with full information:

– The URL (Web address link);
– Status (type of error-403, 404, 500, 503, etc.);
– Type/text (graphics, text, …, link/anchor links);
– The source (where the link is located).
For mass action over a link, located at the top left drop-down menu:

Broken Link Checker Mass actions

– Bulk Actions (mass);
– Edit URL;
– Recheck (recheck);
– Fix redirects (fix redirect);
– Mark as not broken (marked as not damaged);
– Remove link;

Moving the cursor on the link underneath you will see a list of commands to perform actions on each link separately. This is the complete guide about how to fix broken link in wordpress as well as its redirection. It is possible that i have missed anything because i am a human, than you can add it by using our comment section.


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Designing a Marketing Strategy For Customers

Once we fully understand the consumer and market nature, it will be so easy to design a customer driven marketing strategy. Marketing manager is the key; its aim is to stay close with the needs of customers and trends in the marketplace. To create a successful marketing strategy, we must focus on two things:

Which Customers to Serve (Marketing Target)

Serve Customers Well (Value Proposition)

Today I will try my level best to talk about on these two main prospects for creating a customer driven marketing strategy.

Selecting the Marketing Target

First of all, a company must choose the target area/serving area. It will happen by dividing the market into different sections according to the customers. Some of the marketer’s thing that good marketing means is to finding as much customers as they can to increase the demand. But a good planner always thought that it will become hard to satisfy a bunch of customers, so specific choosing of customers is always good to manage and to build profitable relations.

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

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Some of the marketers also work on a strategy to reduce the customers and demand. For example if the demand of a product or service is increasing rapidly and it is unable to control the customer flow toward such product, a negative strategy will be promoted in the marketplace to control the customer demand. So it depends on marketing manager to select the timing and level before targeting a market, we can say in more simple words that to manage the market is to manage the demand.

Selecting a Value Proposition

Once you have selected the customers, now the thing comes that how to serve the customer? How you differentiate in market and what are your positions. Value proposition is a collective outcome of your strategies and marketing plans to satisfy the customer and demand.

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

Your value proposition will differentiate your service or product from other brands, and then a common question will raise by customer that why your brand? Why not your competitor’s?

You must design a strong customer driven marketing strategy to avoid such questions. Obviously when your offer is much greater than your competitor, customer is yours. But not only offers make the difference, as I mentioned in my previous article on Customer Needs and Marketing Plans.

To answer your questions and comments is always my priority task to do. Feel free to ask anything relevant to the discussion.

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