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Marketing management should produce beneficial relationships between the targeted customers and market flow. But which strategies are the best to achieve the value of this concept? Which benefits should be given to the customer and what is good for the marketing trend?

Today we will discuss the most available concepts in the manner of marketing and management, under which an organization can produce their best marketing strategies.

Orientations of Marketing and Management

The Concept of Production

Affordability and availability is the basic need of production concept, that which product is favorable for the consumer. Taking care of this need, management should take a very good care about the production and distribution. This concept is purely for the benefit of seller.

In this case there are mostly two types of situations that could occur randomly:

  1. The demand of the product is too high but the supply/production is low.
  2. Product cost is too high which makes the production limited.

Mainly issues should be handled by the managers of the product, otherwise product orientation will collapse and there is a risk of losing sight and objective.

The Concept of Product

This concept should be around some major aspects, such as the quality of product that favors the customer and the ground-breaking features of the product. This concept works in versions, like 1.0 then 2.0 then 3.0, means product should be focusing on constant improvements.

Outdated products will fall badly in market due to being old and less convenient to consumer. If you are continuously producing a redundant version of product unless the latest, your product will definitely cause you loss in the market.

The Concept of Selling

A product is useless if there is no marketing strategy behind. Most of the companies follow this concept for selling their products. Your product will not get better attention of buyers until it is visible in the marketing scale and graphs.

Orientations of Marketing and Management

But does not use negative marketing just to sell the product once and spoil your customer relationship; such practice will definitely harm your company worth and long term visibility in the marketplace.

The Concept of Marketing

To hold and achieve organizational goals that depends on knowing the needs and demands of the market and to deliver better than your competitors. Focus on customer and value is the key to success and sales in market.

Marketing concept is all about the customer, that how to meet the customer need and wants. Do not play force marketing role to sell your product to a doubted customer. Provide the time as much customer wants to be satisfied, that will help you grow long term relationship with your customer.

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