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    Facebook is getting ready to launch a special courier for teenagers, which is able to vie with Snapchat.

    “According to the code analysis to the official mobile application of social networks is same that there’s info indicating unexpected speak application apparently, this can be a brand new courier during a statement.

    As noted, this application permits you to completely management your contacts and clearly meant for kids.

    Messenger For Children

    In comments to the code states that speak can enable youngsters to play games and share photos with family and friends. In step with the newspaper, the audience speak are going to be restricted to users thirteen years elderly and somewhat older.

    In this case, the courier won’t need AN account in Facebook , however can enable oldsters to regulate their youngsters.

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      Large detector provides extra options, and so square measure usually professionals use digital SLR camera for video shooting. However, skilled video camera, even with the support of 8K-video, as a rule, square measure equipped with sensors Super thirty five format and fewer overall.

      But Sony determined that filmmakers shouldn’t compromise and proclaimed the creation of a replacement skilled camera CineAlta, which can receive the detector size of thirty six × twenty four millimeter – as rumored, it’ll be the primary high-end camera for video shooting with such a detector. The corporate doesn’t share careful characteristics of the device of the longer term, however noted some opportunities additionally to outstanding image quality.

      Camera For Filmmakers

      For example, associate degree anonymous  CineAlta permit to shoot in raw format 4K-RAW HDR-Video with a distinct ratio from 4: three to 17: nine or different less common formats. Sony conjointly aforementioned that the device are compatible with existing medium tools and walked out, and forthcoming enhancements CineAlta. So the transition to full-frame camera to form movies doesn’t need basic changes within the artistic method, a minimum of for Sony product users.

      The camera are free in early 2018, and is bound to be overpriced (Sony F65 was oversubscribed for $65000 at associate degree exit in 2011), even when put next with different high-end cameras. However, for the film studios is sort of cheap value that may do a higher shooting in low lightweight conditions and accomplish different effects.

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        Made throughout last year’s Computex fair from the mouth of Terry Myerson (Terry Myerson) and Alex Kipmana (Alex Kipman) from Microsoft entails promotion of increased reality in an exceedingly hurry to become a reality the efforts of many leading makers. As a part of the partnership agreement Windows Mixed Reality, all over with Microsoft, Acer, ASUS, Dell, H.P. and therefore the Lenovo, making ready to begin mercantilism many headsets mixed (hybrid) reality, combining increased and computer game. Develop information helmets administrated on the premise of standard software and have been standardized by one technical regulation.

        Uses for all 5 Windows Mixed Reality single platform devices even want to unify the system, providing the tip user with normal affiliation interfaces. Universal software package atmosphere designed to facilitate the event of interactive software package.

        While magnoliopsid genus and H.P. have already placed within the Microsoft Store your check version of a hybrid reality helmets, ASUS news, holler and Lenovo square measure delivered to the globe public solely currently.

        windows 10 VR headset

        Futuristic wearable physics ASUS boasts the initial front half free texture with clearly visible edges and therefore the presence of engineering strap mount to repair the helmet on his head. the remainder of the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality doesn’t transcend the quality set by Microsoft, providing to a small degree completely different approach to the planning of the device.

        Microsoft and holler cooperation resulted within the classic form of mixed reality telephone receiver in white plastic. Produce gadgets with the participation of holler professionals chargeable for planning game systems XPS and Alienware. Elegant helmet not solely appearance esthetically good product, however additionally has edges in an exceedingly semi permanent operation. Comfy seating provided the most effective weight distribution device comfy pads in locations shut contact with the top and telephone receiver presence raceway for birth cables.

        Lenovo kid stands out from the competition by many secondary choices. Helmet mixed reality this manufacturer offers a simplified thanks to tack operative modes. Additionally, Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality could also be the foremost reasonable telephone receiver within the listed models.

        Headset H.P. Windows Mixed Reality within the Developer Edition version at this stage is already accessible for pre-order for $ 329 (without traffic controllers), whereas the worth for the model magnoliopsid genus Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition is about to $ 299. Each convenience received just about identical characteristics:

        Two LCD-display with a diagonal of two.89 inches, a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels and a refresh rate of ninety Hz;

        Built-in camera to trace the spatial positioning of objects in real time;

        Audio with the flexibility to use it to attach a microphone;

        HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces.

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          Essential code, a replacement company is one in all the creators of the robot platform, Endi Rubina, is additionally to the discharge of Smartphone’s and accessories for the “smart” house engaged in manufacture of smart points.

          This is proved by the previous application is found by specialists from evidently Apple. It describes the idea of a customary device within the variety of a combine of spectacles, however with inherent camera and show.

          Like wearable Spectacles Company Snapchat, a proprietary Essential contrivance is wont to capture photos and video at eye level because of the inherent camera. However, as Google Glass, the good glasses Essential can complement the particular setting of digital info and pictures with the assistance of some kind of increased reality technology.

          Android Patented Smart Glasses

          The document describes a tool with prescription, sensitive and sun lenses. Additionally refers to the “dual-mode display”, which can use the camera inward, to trace eye.

          The patent additionally describes cases of use within the increased reality device, like value comparisons in time period at the shop. “Based on the setting, the user sees, and counting on the direction of read of the user, the processor will add a picture to enrich its surroundings, – the document says. – For instance, if the user is gazing the barcode of the merchandise, the device also can show cheaper ways that to shop for constant name. ”

          In Associate in Nursing interview with the resource Wired, printed in the week, Rubin mentioned Google Glass good glasses , speech communication that they “failed not as a result of the technology was unhealthy, however as a result of the planet wasn’t prepared for them.” Quite probably, Rubin has its own ideas on the way to build good glasses widespread.

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            Issue chetyrehdverki restyled Infiniti is adjusted at the manufactory in Tochigi, Japan. One amongst the primary Americans get invigorated Q50 – United States sales of sedan 2018 model year can begin this summer. Then, late model are discharged on different markets.

            Infiniti Q50

            Sedan got progressive bumpers, slightly totally different optics put in within the cabin different hand wheel. The highest S-version dissent by the presence of additional aggressive lean. Home tehnofishka Q50 – introduction of a system of partial autonomous ProPilot management. This advanced includes: the system retention lane, management the gap to the automotive before, to stop a frontal collision, warning of vehicles in blind spots, forestall accidents with pedestrians, moreover as adaptative controller.

            Infiniti Q50 engine vary remained a similar, it’s described turbochetverkoy 2.0 hydrocarbon (208 hp) motor V6 three.0 (400 hp), 2.2 turbodiesel (168 hp). In some countries, you’ll conjointly obtain a sedan with a three60-strong hybrid setup consisting of aspirated V6 3.5 and an electrical motor. Drive – rear or full.

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              Skype team representatives have reportable large-scale design of its application. The new style is positioned as “a new generation of a Skype “, he are going to be that specialize in the traveler and performance somewhat like competitors (Snapchat and Slack).

              The interface for Skype traveler can have 3 sections: Chat, notice and Capture.

              In the notice can have the chance not solely to go looking for contacts or explore for text messages, however conjointly info, to speak with the bots (list of bots that square measure offered during this section, have secure to expand later). Notice choice permits you to introduce third-party communication platform content because it is finished in YouTube or Giphy.

              Updated Skype

              Chat – it’s acquainted to users of the chat interface, which is able to currently have the choice to feature a text or voice chat emodzi-reaction, pictures, etc.

              Capture – could be a novelty in Snapchat-style, through that you’ll instantly shoot photos or video.

              In addition, a brand new feature is other Highlights, that permits to post a series of photos or videos that you just will share along with your friends.

              How it’s – are often assessed in an exceedingly series of promotional video of the new style.

              Updating the program was launched on one Gregorian calendar month of this year. It touches each the mobile version and also the desktop application.

              First update can arrive on automaton gadgets within the returning weeks promise to unleash a version for the iPhone. Versions for Windows and raincoat are going to be free in an exceedingly few months.

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                Microsoft these days at Computex 2017 known as partners, that plans to collaborate within the production of private computers supported ARM design.

                ASUS, H.P. and Lenovo are the primary makers United Nations agency are engaged within the creation of questionable “mobile PC”, equipped with the most recent chip Qualcomm – central processor flower 835. The primary plans for the transfer of Windows desktop applications to mobile ARM-based processors Microsoft disclosed last year, and these innovative laptops makers can become the pilot units on the ARM platform, running underneath Windows ten. Microsoft and Qualcomm promise that such models can feature additional lasting battery life support for LTE technology and therefore the chance to perform eniya acquainted Windows-based applications.

                Windows10 Qualcomm Snapdragon

                It is noted that Microsoft has managed to persuade to start out manufacturing notebooks on ARM-processors Qualcomm’s solely 3 partners. Allow us to recall that 5 years a gone to launch the primary devices on the Windows RT participated ASUS, HP, Lenovo and therefore the Samsung, and Microsoft with the pill Surface RT.

                Qualcomm and Microsoft still didn’t disclose the terms of the emergence of recent devices on ARM-processors from ASUS, H.P. and Lenovo. Qualcomm executive Steven Mollenkopf (Steve Mollenkopf) solely explicit that it’ll not happen before the fourth quarter of 2017.

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                  Company ASUS given at Computer 2017 play laptop G11DF based mostly flagship eight-processor AMD Ryzen seven 1800X on the new micro architecture Zen with a collection of system logic AMD B350. This – the primary personal computer ASUS, that uses Ryzen platform.

                  Buyers G11DF gave a alternative of configurations with AMD or NVIDIA GPUs till NVIDIA GeForce GTX models 1080 or AMD Radeon RX 480. The most quantity of RAM DDR4-2400 is thirty two GB.

                  The magnetic disk drive is used as a storage capability of up to 3TB or solid state drive (SSD) M.2 PCIe volume up to 512 GB.

                  ASUS Gaming Desktop

                  The standard G11DF desktop comes with a Gigabit LAN port, however facultative models area unit offered with extra support for wireless Wi-Fi 802.11ac. On the front panel area unit 2 port USB three.1 info a pair of Type-A and 2 USB a pair of.0 ports. The rear panel encompasses a port USB three.0 Type-C, further as a four-port USB three.0 Type-A and 2 USB a pair of.0.

                  To decorate the body uses ancient ROG black and red colors. 2 RGB-LED strip situated on the front panel. Desired color and lighting effects is adjusted victimization ASUS Aegis III applications.

                  ASUS G11DF pc are offered within the returning days for the worth of $ 699.

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                    Thermal take has reacted to filling their booth at Computex 2017 with high responsibility on completely days of the exhibition options different housing, power provide and different elements that fuels the interest of holiday makers to the complete. Below we have a tendency to in brief describe the boxy housings Thermal take Core X5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition (aka Core X5 TG Snow Edition) and Core X9 Tempered Glass Snow Edition (Core X9 TG Snow Edition), that are a typical feature of the aspect panel of tempered glass.

                    X9 family model on the icon appearance not immense, it still takes concerning sixty four cm long, thirty eight cm wide and fifty cm tall. The housing is meant for installation motherboard type issue E-ATX, ATX-compatible power provide, four double-slot cards, a most of seven three.5 in. or eight a pair of.5-inch drives, three 5.25-inch device, and an oversized variety of elements cooling systems. Overall there aren’t any restrictions really – this may be seen by examining the specifications associated with the novelty Computex 2017 production model Core X9 Snow Edition.

                    PC With Thermaltake Core Body

                    Prototype hull Core X9 TG Snow Edition Thermalright at the booth placed next to less massive Core X5 TG Snow Edition. The latter could be a recently free model code designation CA-1E8-00M6WN-00 price of ten 590 rub. Within the Russian market. Younger brother solely appropriate for ATX motherboard format boards or smaller radiators and LSS isn’t quite four hundred millimeter long.

                    Dimensions Thermaltake Core X5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition 540 (L) × 371 (W) × 463 (H) millimeters, weight 13.4 kg. From Core X9 TG Snow Edition thought-about housing as well as characterized by the presence of 2 panels of tempered glass rather than one. within enough area for four double-slot cards, power provide, a most of seven a pair of.5-inch or four three.5-inch drives, three 5.25-inch device, quite 10 diameter fans a hundred and twenty, a hundred and forty and two hundred millimeter. will solely be problematic video adapters installation length of quite 330 millimeter – during this case can keep basket SSD / HDD.

                    The standard delivery model Core X5 TG Snow Edition enclosed front and rear fans Turbo size a hundred and twenty × a hundred and twenty × twenty five millimeter, characterized by the motility speed a thousand rev / min and a background level of sixteen dBA.

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                      In China, revealed a special edition of its flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition. The location distributer offered only 1 version of such thematic trends with four GB RAM and flash storage capability of sixty four GB that prices $ 880.

                      Unlike a number of the previous editions of the flagship Smartphone free the Samsung, for instance, the model Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition or Galaxy S7 Edge tender Edition, Smartphone Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition while not getting the required style and appears precisely the same as was common version of Galaxy S8.

                      Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition

                      Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition comes in a very fancy box up the shape of a pirate chest treasure, with a case for the phone and therefore the holding ring, designed within the spirit of the most recent film franchise – “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men don’t tell tales,” that was free last week.

                      Specifications trends are not any totally different from the quality version of the Galaxy S8: 5.8-inch incurved on either side of the screen, flower processor 835 or therefore the rear 12-megapixel twin picture element camera. Front camera resolution is eight M, could be a fingerprint device on the rear panel, and iris scanner the front. Battery capability is 3000mAh.