How to Add Page Navigation in WordPress

How to Add Page Navigation in WordPress

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In this article we will discuss about how to add numbered page navigation in wordpress. In the admin panel of your WordPress blog, there is a parameter with the name “Reading” on the setting tab, this parameter have the option that your blog posts display no more than the “default 10 Posts on home page or in category.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

And when you reach the 12 posts than there a link appear with the name “before” at the bottom of the home page or category page. Its the default page navigation. This will only be good if you have not more than 15-20 posts.

But when you have a large number of posts on your website, definitely all the visitors can’t notice this single link. So, this is not a good page navigation because it is not user friendly.

Fix it with the help of page navigation WordPress plugin named WP Page Numbers. After installing, activating, and configuring a plugin, your blog will have such a comfortable wordpress page navigation.

Installation of WP Page Numbers : A plugin for page navigation

Download the plugin WP Page Numbers here
Activate the plugin.
Configuring WP Page Numbers.
(Note:If you don’t know how to install a plugin read it here)

Go to your Admin Panel → Settings → Page Numbers.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Configuration of WP Page Numbers plugin

1. Page Number Themes
First of all Tick it “Include theme style sheet for page numbers” and thus allow to display page navigation. Below choose the most suitable for your template style page navigation.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

2. Settings Text
In these settings, I instead of “Default tet Page” i used “of”.

3. Settings-show/hide
Here it is better to leave all checkboxes to display complete information on the selected theme on your wordpress blog paging navigation.

4. Settings-Misc
Enter the number of pages displayed in the navigation panel up to three dots. If you leave the field blank, the default is 10 pages, if zero, without restrictions.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

5. Instructions – Code to add to your theme
Open the index.php file for which go to your admin panel → appearance → Basic Editor template (index.php).

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Locate the code that contains the word “previous” and “before”.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Replace it with the new code provided under “Code to add in your theme”.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Do the same with the file “archive.php” responsible for finding posts in each category.

You can’t find easily “previous” and “before” text in some of the themes index.php file. So, if you don’t find these words In this case, insert our code before the code <!-#container->. (a) at the end of the file for deletion, have already become redundant links “previous” and “next entry”, delete the file loop.php row with the following content:

<? php next_posts_link (_ (‘? Older posts ‘, ‘ twentyten ‘));? >
<? php previous_posts_link (_ (‘ Newer posts? ‘, ‘ twentyten ‘));? >


Remove links next posts and previous posts buttons in wordpress

Don’t forget to update file.

WP Page Number wordpress plugin

Now your blog has found a comfortable and beautiful paged navigation. This is the step by step guide about how to get page navigation in wordpress. If you stuck in any problem, feel free to contact us or comment on it.



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