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5 Advantages of BitCoin

Introduction of Bitcoin

Today we will talk about a virtual currency called “BitCoin”, only reason to write about this thing is to increase the existing information and knowledge on this crypto currency. On internet and even on television we more often hear about new electronic currency/virtual/crypto currency. At the moment the information on “BitCoin” is not very much due to the fact that only few people knows perfectly about it, but the popularity is rapidly gaining momentum.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

Even some states have begun to express their opinions about this virtual currency. In this article I will try my best to explain that what is “BitCoin” and how it can be produced and other introductory matters. Definition of BitCoin is hard to explain, but let me try to gather some valid information to make an understandable definition.

“BitCoin is a crypto currency or in common it’s a digital currency that can be created and held electronically. No one controls it. It’s not in a printed form like other currencies like Dollar and Euros or Yen. It can be produced only by the users and exchange within the businesses.”

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If we compile this definition on the basis of our knowledge, we can create a brief definition of our own, such as; “BitCoin is a virtual currency that exists on the network and can be exchanged for real money.” Even Wikipedia is unable to define the word “BitCoin” properly, so you will find random and anonymous definition about “BitCoin” each time you search.

Who is the Creator?

Well that’s a valid and common question will pop up in our mind, the answer of this question is not very satisfactory, however existing information shows that “BitCoin” was created by a Japanese person named “Satoshi Nakamto” in between 2008 – 2009. No such information is available about the identity of Santoshi, and it is also not found anywhere in the “BitCoin” network, it s mystery that is not resolved yet. Although some researchers published some details about “Santoshi Nakamoto” but that is just a myth.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

Only 21 million “BitCoins” are released exactly till now, not one more. This is a clear limit which will gradually commit the number. This figure was counted in the beginning of 2014, recent stats may vary. Despite the fact that number of “BitCoins” becomes more and more every day, but their path to real money recently rather abruptly goes up. The recent cost of one “BitCoin” is 700 USD, in summer 2013 the currency was worth 100 times cheaper. It is an enormous growth that could earn you even 10000% of your currency.

“BitCoin” is often compared to “Virtual Gold”. In the real world gold is just a metal that has a cost, as there is great demand. “BitCoin” have the same meaning, but to maintain them is impossible due to its virtual existence. “BitCoin” will have same value as long as demand is there, and the demand of a new growing yet steady currency gives the large prospects. By the way, in future, maybe manufacturing the real gold “BitCoins” is possible.

What is Mining?

You will be surprised, “BitCoins” can be mined, but it is not always be profitable. Honestly and personally, I have never mined “BitCoins” through mining, but judging by the user feedback and the online stats an idea can be taken. Because the more they create, the harder it will be to creating the new form, but due to the growth rate of “BitCoins” the chances of profit was increased, so the production was much easier due to less complexity.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

Most of us said that the “BitCoin” is the currency of future, but it is early to say so. This can happen only if it will legalize all the countries according to the laws of “BitCoin”.

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Let’s look at what significant advantages have the new crypto currency?

BitCoin Advantages :

  1. Anonymity

Due to the decentralized network, “BitCoin” works anonymously.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

You can only track the last transaction, but to whom and what was transferred before will stay as really private. That is why it is not allowed in all countries around the globe.

  1. The alternative to the Existing Money

BitCoin is an alternative rather convenient method of payment. Now there are a lot of places, both online and in real life that take BitCoins.

  1. No Taxes

When paying through BitCoin, taxes will not apply, since officially BitCoin is not a printed currency.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

This gives the opportunity to buy the good a bit cheaper.

  1. International Currency

BitCoin is a truly international currency, it is same everywhere, and it is very convenient as well.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

For example in US and in other countries to pay for everything you can use BitCoin without worrying about currency exchange.

  1. No Fee

No fee for transferring BitCoins. However, if the transfer is to be implemented immediately.

BitCoin Advantages and General Introduction

You will have to pay the commission that you will decide to pay, the more you pay, the faster the transfer.

Well, as with advantages there are also some negative points of BotCoin such as the risk of security as any virtual currency cannot be secured properly, it is also outside the law by some countries to use BitCoin, fluctuation of rate is also a bad thing in order to maintain your balance.

I think that is enough information on BitCoin, because other things might not be necessary or important, your questions and comments are appreciated more than anything. However such information is based on my personal use and experience. If my any chance I forgot something to mention, you can ask me through the comment section or I can be reached easily through email.



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Any problem in WordPress can be addressed and it does not need any special skills of work with CMS. Today I will tell you about the most common problems or errors that occur occasionally in WordPress, and i will try to describe the detail process of elimination as well.

9 Common WordPress Errors and their Solution

Here is the list of most common errors in wordpress:

500 Internal Server Error

Error Establishing a Database Connection

HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden

Connection Timed Out

Cannot Modify Header Information

404 Error in WordPress

Fatal Error – Undefined Function

WordPress Memory Exhausted

WSOD – White screen of death

1. WordPress 500 internal server error

One of the common causes of internal server error is due to incorrect configuration of a specific file named “.htaccess” located in the root directory of the website. You can access this file through your admin panel/Cpanel. For internal server error 500 there are 3 possible solutions we can try:

500 Internal server error

i. You can made changes to solve this issue, log in to your server, go to root directory, open the file named “.htaccess” in notepad and remove the last added line of code, and update the file, it will possibly recover your website to the previous stage.

ii. Delete this file from root directory and go to “Settings” in “WordPress” click on the link named “Permalinks” and click “Save” and that’s it. It will automatically create the new file with fresh code in the root directory, and your site will start working as usual.

iii. You can view the report of your website error(s) in the file named “error_log” also located in root directory of your website panel.

2. Error Establishing a Database Connection

As name of error “establishing database connection” simplifying to understand the cause, the system cannot connect to the database server, means configuration error with website database located on your server.

Establishing database connection

Some possible solutions of wordpress database connection error are here:

i. MySQL server is not running usually occurs on VPS servers. You need to restart the server. If the problem is not solved, contact to support of your hosting/server.

ii. A wrong configuration in a specific file named “wp-config.php” located in root directory of the website; it is possible that username, password or any database name is typed wrong or without quotes. Open this file in notepad and read all the options to find out any mentioned mistake.

iii. You may have limited access to your database, you can change the access from your WordPress settings, change the access permissions and then test again, and hopefully wordpress connect the database and error will be gone.

iv. Least but possible issue might be hacking, that your website have been hacked, definitely the link between your website and database will break and you will face wordpress error establishing a database connection. You can check your website through a specific remote scanner and it is free as well

3. HTTP Error 403 Forbidden

The page or resource you are trying to access is absolutely forbidden 403 to reach out. This error usually occurs with the absence of “Index” file in your website directory.

HTTP Error 403 Forbidden

Possible steps can be taken to eliminate this error such as:

i. You have the wrong file in your server, correct file must be named “index.php” or “index.html”; it could be any depends upon your selection pattern. In some cases file is simply missing so create it. So you follow the steps by searching “How to create index file for WordPress”

ii. The problem with the rights. Perhaps you have exhibited limited rights to your index file. Should perform rights for file and parent categories.

iii. The file has been uploaded to a different directory. Find the index file and move to the root folder of your website.

4. Connection Timed Out

Mostly occurs when the server is rebooted, unreachable, or subjected to a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

Connection Timed Out

Possible steps you can do to eradicate connection timedout error:

i. Check your WordPress plugins and remove the old one’s which are not in use.

ii. Increase the RAM to your WordPress from your server.

iii. Reset your WordPress theme to default and restore you last working backup of website.

5. Cannot Modify Header Information

Appears mainly because of gaps or error in the code of a specific file named “wp-settings.php” this error is easy to resolve because it provide you details, for example (category/wp-settings.php line:78). This means the error is in “wp-settings” on the line number 78. Here is one solution I can provide on this issue:

i. Download the file name “wp-settings.php” and open that on notepad, delete the spaces filled with ++ and save the file again to recover from the error connecton timedout.

6. 404 Error in WordPress

WordPress 404 error is generated by server, when request page of URL does not found. It likely happens in WordPress as well, here are some solutions to resolve 404 page not found wordpress error:

i. It usually happens due to non configured permalinks, it can be fixed very easily through your WordPress panel. Go to “Settings” click “Permalinks” select the link type and save changes.

404 Page not found

ii. If error still exists, try to disable the specific plugin which redirect pages, if you are using any.

iii. You can disable all your plugins one by one, like disable one plugin, check error, if still available, active that plugin again, and disable next, and check website.

7. Fatal Error – Undefined Function

This is a simple error, means auto update system has failed. In this case you need to roll back the website in working state by using backup then update your WordPress version manually. This is it; fatal error will be resolved for sure.

Fatal Error Undefined Function

8. WordPress Memory Exhausted

WordPress memory exceeds when your website crosses the limit of using the RAM allotted by server. Here are some solutions for that:

WordPress Memory Exhausted

i. Log on to the server and see how much RAM is available and how much is allocated for your website.

ii. Change the setting of the file named “wp-config.php” by adding more memory. Find the line “define wp_memory_limit 32M” specific digits will be there, such as 16M, 32M or 64M. Suppose if the written value is 32M you can change that with 64M and so on. Note that your allotted RAM should match your server specification.

iii. Plugins use a lot of RAM, my suggestion is not remove or disable all problematic plugins and find a replacement.

9. White Screen of Death (WSOD)

White screen of death wordpress error mostly occurs while installing or editing plugins, it can also happen due to the non updated plugins in your WordPress list. WSOD (White screen of death) means just a blank white screen nothing else, each time you try to reach your website just a blank white screen.

White screen of death

Some simple solutions we can follow are:

i. Rename the plugins directory and create a new folder, transfer the plugins from directory one by one to check the conflicting module.

ii. You can change the design of your theme from your admin panel, this helps most of the time, or you can change the name of your server to the default, it will also restore your website in live mode.

This is not a complete list of errors that may occur in WordPress, but these are the most common error. A general solution for all the WordPress error is to avoid incorrect configurations, it is not a rocket science to learn about configuration, more than 90% steps in WordPress are automated, all you have to do is pay attention. Avoid not worthy plugins, do not play with codes, and the most important thing is updating, do not skip any recommended updates of WordPress.

In the end I always said the same thing 🙂 To answer all your questions and comments is my high priority.

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7 Easy Steps to Install Joomla

As Joomla is the well known CMS around the web and also easy to operate, it is the frequent choice of beginners after WordPress. Features and interface is very friendly to manage your content without having any professional expertise. That is why I am here to guide you as simply as I can that how to install Joomla.

Installation of Joomla does not represent any difficulties; whole process takes a couple of minutes. In order to start Joomla installation you need to download the latest version of Joomla from the official site or any official partner or source. In our case we will go to to download the latest version. You can also read about basic features of Drupal

Now simply follow the steps:

Step #1

Download the latest version of Joomla from the official website, by just clicking “blue section” in the image, do not click on the image 🙂 do that on Joomla official site. It’s just a screenshot to help you understand, it is taken from the official Joomla website.

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

Downloaded file will be zipped; all you have to do is unzip that file before installation.

Step #2

After unzipping the files you need to upload them to your hosting/server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

If you need to install Joomla to some of your specific website on your server, you need to upload those files specifically in public_html folder.

Step #3

MySQL database creation is the next step after uploading the Joomla files into server.

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

You need to create the username and password for your MySQL database in this step to move further for installation.

Step #4

Now moving to start installation, previous described steps were the base to create the field of installation. After uploading the files successfully in your website public_html folder via ftp, you will simply go to your website URL and you will be redirected to the first step of installation shown in the image below:

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

This step is the main configuration of Joomla, here you will select username, email and password for your account. Make sure not to choose admin or administrator type of usernames, first of all its very common and secondly easy to hack. Use your valid email address because it will be used as your recovery email in case of any confirmation about your Joomla account.

Here also add your site name and a brief description about your work. Due to tutorial I am selecting the “No” option in site offline section. You can choose whatever you like, description is explaining results.

Once you done with all your configurations and data entry you can simply hit “Next” button to move ahead.

Step #5

Next button will take you to the next tab obviously, where you will provide information about your MySQL database you created.

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

Fill the data here, except your host name, username and password, all step are better to be in default value. You will use your previously created username, host name and password here.

It is always a good option to go with “Backup” because it will keep the backup of your old database. However it’s up to you. After completing all the option again click on “Next”

Step #6

You will be forwarded to next and almost concluding step to finalize your installation, where you will be asked about installing sample data to your webpage to check its working or not, or how it looks like.

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

Priority option is to go with “Default English (GB) Sample Data” and click “install” after clicking you will be moved to the second page of installation where Joomla will show the compatibility of the features like:

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

If your server will meet all the Joomla requirements you will see all checks in green, in case of any mismatching green will turn into orange. After that you have to hit “install” button finally.

Step #7

It will take a minute or two to install Joomla, and you will be redirected to the really last step and that will be:

How to Install Joomla 3.5.1

On this page you will see the button saying “remove installation folder” you have to press it due to secure your website not be reinstalled by any other. You website will be totally functional after you remove your installation folder.

We are done, see simple and easy, I tried my level best to avoid irrelevant chit chat while explaining some simple facts. Your questions and comments will be answered for sure.

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5 Factor that causes the Google deindexing Pages

No matter you are a beginner or experienced webmaster, it is a most likely issue that Google or any other search engine is not indexing your web pages, or you are losing your already indexed pages or even deindexed site from google. There are definitely reasons for that, let’s try to understand and fix the issue.


There could be various reasons that website is facing the fall out of indexing, but in most cases, the problem is the site itself. Here we will consider the most possible reasons of google deindexing pages.

5 Possible reasons of Why my Site get de-indexed from Google

1. Low Quality Content

Due to the massive expand of content on the web, quality competition is pretty high, and Google is also making efforts to clean the bad content to make the place for good quality content. In that manner it is quite possible that low quality content pages will be replaced with good quality content pages in index.

Let’s expand the discussion on content, because it is the key factor, which can cause the decrease and increase the indexing.

1.1. Spinned Content

If you ask my personal opinion on such type of content, I just hate spinning. We all know what content spinning is, this is a definite thing which will damage the reputation of your website from both ends, user and search engine.

Certainly the use of spinning for content is a worst choice of content, and you will face the decrease in your number pages deindexed from google and I can guarantee that.


1.2. Copy-Paste Content

This is the most awful form of laziness that you copied already published and also indexed content, paste that on your website and publish that again, and that’s it. No matter you change the title or synonyms; it will remain copy-paste content.

No matter if someone is so smart in creating the copy-paste content look like newly written; he/she will get caught by search engine, using such prohibited technique.

There are consequences as well; page published with copy-paste content will be removed from index. Remember Google always love quality and uniqueness.

1.3. Copyrighted Content

Copyrights show the ownership. Use of any copyrighted content is the direct violation of the policy of ownership and it is also illegal.


Publication of any copyrighted content is also against the rules of Google, and there is no need to tell you about the reaction of Google, when someone breaks the rule.

All further actions will be taken afterwards, but first step of search engine will be to kick out your page from index and then penalize your website.

2. Hosting Problem

This problem is common among those who tried to save money on their web hosting. Server or host must be solid, because cheap hosting can be down several times a week. Then what will happen? Huh! Google knows. 🙂


Google bots will deliver your site down time to search engine, and search engine has no space for such sites, website will be kicked out slowly and smoothly from the search index.

However, this reason is quite rare. To avoid this reason, I advise you to read the article: how to choose hosting.

3. Excessive Outbound Links

This reason is quite common, especially among inexperienced webmasters. Beginners want to make by selling links from their new site to some other newly created website, but without knowing the consequences. It makes the website worthless, until the end of it. There are lots of earning sources which you can read here: How to make money from a blog

Do not create excessive outbound links in your WebPages, because Google does not allow such page in the quality ranking. Aggressive use of outbound links will make your website suspicious and you will definitely not like the results.

Most commonly Google will start penalizing your Webpage by kicking you out from search engines indexing.

If you want to be indexed again, do the opposite, remove all the useless and point less outbound links from your website.

4. Errors in Website

Well, this is not a common factor, but it could be one. Use of malicious or poor codes in your website will make search engine to ignore your website by all means.


Some errors in the website automatically force search engine not to index the pages, without letting you know that.

Personal Tip: If you are having any indexing issue, please check robots.txt file before getting panic. 😀

5. Search Engines Glitches

In my personal experience glitches happen about once every six months roughly, we have nothing to do in such case rather than wait.

Due to some updates or any change in search engine algorithm it shows glitches. You can judge that by analyzing your number of index, suppose it was 100 yesterday and it came down to 20 today, and then after 3 or 4 days index goes up again on 100. This is search engine glitch.

But it is very rare to happen; mostly the above discussed factors cause the fall down in index.

If you are the victim of de-indexing you should definitely follow the lead to check all your SEO strategies, and if just want to satisfy yourself while talking about the fall down in index, you can say to yourself, Cm’on it’s just a glitch. 😛

You questions will be much appreciated, please let me know if I skip something, or anything should be in more details. I always try to be simple and conceptual; however, it is not so difficult for me to increase the number of words of my article. 🙂



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10 Key Features of Drupal Content Management System


Drupal is also a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla etc, but obviously with the change of features. Every CMS is used to create websites and various applications. However Drupal has some extra features as well, as compare to other CMS, it is more professional to work with. Well, I am not here to differentiate between Drupal and other CMS, but only to provide information on Drupal Features.

Great features of Drupal have made it very popular among developers of websites. This CMS is written in Php and requires MySQL database. It works perfectly well with various web servers such as Microsoft SQL Server, Apache, MySQL. In addition it also supports Flash, Flex, Ajax, Java, Php etc. Drupal is very friendly CMS, which does not require any highly professional skills to manage it. Some built-in features are very useful according to the version, such as basic SEO settings will helps in promoting the website.


Let’s ahead toward some best features of Drupal, which will help you to understand more about this CMS:

1. Drupal is suitable to create simple and multifaceted websites.

2. It has the ability to work with cross platforms as well. Integration is easy.

3. Drupal provides a lot of free themes and templates for your website solution.

4. You can create multi-lingual websites through Drupal.


5. Drupal provides easy content management, smooth performance, reliable security and powerful administration panel.

6. It is also a great choice for integrated framework.

7. Allow users to find, manage and organize content easily.

8. Provide flexibility in choice of Html and Php from administration panel.

9. It can be extended with add-ons.

10. Drupal provides a starter-kit to enhance your experience and to collaborate with other open sources.


Drupal is well suited for creating various business projects and websites, most often this CMS is used in corporate sector and to develop personal websites too. I must say, in the manner of Drupal integration with external services and applications, no other content management systems are much dominant and excellent.

Like all others CMS Drupal also has versions, Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are mostly used versions, but after the launch of Drupal 8, it become more easy to understand this system and to gain more strong hold on your web and app management. Drupal 8 is the most efficient update ever, creating content is much easier now and all the themes are pre-responsive. It has 100 languages in database.

In my opinion, for beginners, it is always better to start with the latest version. Drupal is an open source software and it’s free for always, anyone can download and use. I don’t think something more important than that is left now 😛

Please let me know if I miss any detail or summary, your comments and questions are everything to me, believe me, I mean it 🙂



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Here we will discuss about how to promote a website on search engine. Promotion of website in search engine is very interning though challenging process. For that purpose you must need to know at least some basics. However many people think that it’s a very easy and simple process, and then I ask myself a quick question, why they are still not in the top rankings? 😀


I always mention one thing, that getting result is all about hard work and patience. It’s a simple policy to follow.

It is impossible to explain all aspects of SEO in one article, but I will try my level best to cover the basics only, and how to identify SEO mistakes. This discussion will help you understand the keen reasons that why your website is not making any progress or your optimization is slow.

Without basic SEO knowledge it is pointless to talk about the promotion of website. Search engine algorithms are constantly improving and ranking factors are also growing. Competitors are increasing like mushrooms, and promotions are spreading like virus. In such battling situation it is very hard to promote your website for free even a step up. But it all will happen if you are not aware of basics about promoting a website. So, there is always a hope. 🙂


While promoting websites I will roughly presenting my ideas and experience, which will definitely work in general way.

Marketing Strategy to promote a Website or

Top Ways to promote a website in Search Engine

1. Internal Optimization

This factor is for user not for search engine, and search engine do not like those websites who are not user friendly, a non user friendly website can never get ranking in any search engine. In my opinion importance of this factor is 30% out of 100%. We can say On-Page SEO optimization is linked to search engine but indirectly.


Your web presentation is your On Page, to make it better we do optimization, and collectively we call that On Page Optimization.

Now we know the drill in very simple words, all we have to do is to make our presentation better than before.

In order to improve internal factors of your website, there are some basics I can mention to you:

> Site Speed

> Attractive Layout

> User Friendly Structure

> Crawler Friendly

> Use Essential SEO Tags

> Content Management

> Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Above mentioned basics are the key factors to improve your On-Page SEO, as we are talking about basic strategies for website promotion and today my circle of focus is providing you only basics. Details will make you feel sleepy 😛 Detailed article is also available what are the top SEO ranking Factors? You can dive in if you want.

2. Website Behavior

In the end of 2014, Google and other secondary search engines properly started to judge website behavior in order to deal with rankings, as this part also does not belong to search engine directly same as the above case. In the manner of SEO, importance of this factor is 10% out of 100.

It is very simple to improve the behavioral factors of the website by simply following some basics such as:

> Satisfy User Needs

> Create Interesting Sections

> Add New Content Constantly

> Improve Graphics

By the way, if you are following the lead, you will be able to cover this factor in On-Page Optimization; however website behavior is an individual factor of importance.

3. External Optimization

The opposite of Internal Optimization or On-Page SEO is called external optimization or Off-Page SEO. It is the most important factor for the promotion of a website. This part has nothing to do with user, it completely belongs to search engine. I must say it is the determining factor in the rankings.


This factor includes inbound links with other websites, and most important thing is quality not quantity. It is not a big deal to get bunch of backlinks but poor quality. Search engine always consider the quality of your backlink. In my opinion 1 good quality inbound link is much better than 100 bad quality backlinks.

One Personal Tip: Websites, who sell links or offer for free to everyone at anytime, avoid such links, because quality and quantity can never be on the same page. Such backlinks will only harm your ranking position.

Some basic factors which should be taken care while performing Off-Page SEO:

> Work Niche to Niche

> Avoid Irrelevant Links

> Check Donor’s Website Repute

> Ignore Quantity

> Focus on Quality

While promoting website you should divide your strategies among these 3 basic SEO factors like, your requirement is 100%, then give 60% to Off-Page SEO, 30% to On-Page SEO and 10% to behavioral SEO.

3 Off the Record Mistakes

i) One very common and lazy mistake is to use SEO back-linking generator software, for those who still use such technique I must say to them, “wake up guys” its 2016. In 2009 to 2010 it was easy to deceive Google or any other search engine, but not today. All inbound and outbound links must be natural and humanly placed.


On the other hand, how you can expect a bot or machine to think like human mind? It is only possible in fictions, and Google hate Sci-fi movies 😀

ii) Work without follow-up is a waste of time, most of the time some of our SEO experts got inbound links, and then stop working. What happened then?

Links became dead or frozen, due to zero follow-up on Off-Page strategies. SEO is not a onetime thing to perform, due to huge completion in search engine ranking, all your inbound links must be checked often. In simple words you can say that “Continuity is the key to success in SEO”.

iii) Breaking the chain of continuity in your SEO routine will make you suspicious. Any unnatural process is not considerable for Google and other search engines as well. I definitely need an example here to make my point clear, let’s say, you worked really hard and good too for 1 month, and after that month you left your work for next 2 months, then after 2 months you start your work again and you worked hard for 2 weeks and then you again left your work for 1 month, this is breaking the chain of continuity, which will make your website suspicious in search engine, and all your hard and positive efforts will be for nothing.

I hope that you find this discuss about how to promote your website online for free informative. Please let me know if I skipped anything, or something should be in more details. If that so, we can discuss that in our comment section, I would love to have your questions. 🙂


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Are you developing a personal blog? Just blink twice and you are in 🙂  To start a personal blog with a brand name or some simple name, whatever your desire. You need a hosting plan and a registered domain name. Next you have to make choice of CMS (Content Management System) for your blog. Some relevant information that will definitely help you: How to choose hosting for your Domain

Blogging engines or CMS are pretty good. Most popular: WordPress and Drupal are free to use. In my opinion for a first personal blog, it is best to go with WordPress.


In order to make a free blog at WordPress you will need some knowledge of html style and editing, as well as knowledge in installing WordPress. If you generally do not know a lot about html or how it works? That’s why i am here to guide you as simple as i can.

If you don’t want to invest any money in the web hosting and domain name, there are various services that provide you with free hosting and domain name as well. For example, services like etc, or Obviously some feature will not be accessible with in such free platforms, but the available resources will be enough to take a jumpy start, without spending a single penny. If your goal is to start making money initially, free platform most likely will meet all your needs.

As my priority platform is WordPress, so let’s take a road towards making your first free blog, before i started annoying you 🙂 Here is step by step guide about How to develop a wordpress site?

Step #1

Go to you will see the following:


Step #2

Click on “Get Started” and you will see the following


From here you have to choose your topic in which niche suits perfectly, you have plenty of options to select. So choose one of them by clicking that. After that it will shows you the sub-options for your blog to make your blog perfectly relevant to the niche.

Step #3

After completing the previous step, it will take you further, where WordPress will ask you about your blog homepage layout by showing three designs as following:


Now you have to choose between these 3 WordPress homepage designs before moving to next step, because it will determine that how you want your first blog look like.

Step #4

After you select one of your desired homepage layouts for your WordPress blog, it will take you for the selection of theme as following:


There are a lot of themes according to your needs; you can pick any of them by just clicking on that, it will help you to create more efficient look for your blog according to your topic or category. I am just showing you some help you understand the step easily. Theme can be changed or modified within the provided panel, so if you by mistake choose something you don’t wanted to be, you can change that anytime, after you are in.

Step #5

After completion of picking theme for your blog, next step will be selection of domain name, which will shows as following:


Here you just have to enter a domain or keyword in the search bar of WordPress as shown in the image, it will run your query in the database to find out that your provided domain or keyword is available or already been taken before by someone else. Try anything you want but i must say, “Stick to your Cause”.

Step #6

After selection of your domain name or keyword by typing that in search bar as showed above, it will search the name to tell you that your domain is available or not, in that case we are going with “available” to show you what’s next, it will appear as following:


As i just ran something that is available in WordPress database, so its showing “” is available and for free as well. You can also see the other names, but those are premium names, as far we are talking about making a blog for free so we will go with free and click “Select”.

Step #7

After selecting a name which is available, WordPress will take you to the next step and will ask about the “blog plan” as following:


See, there are 3 plans here, and definitely we are not going to pay WordPress for a service which is free 🙂 , so we will go with the plan saying “Free” and it is also saying “Just get Started” as a slug, means no wait no difficulties.

Step #8

So now you have selected your “free plan”, WordPress will take you to your final step of creating an account as following:


Now you just have to put your email there, username is already selected by default based on your domain name at WordPress, which we choose previously, you can also change it if you want, create a strong password to be safe, and click “Create My Account” and this is it. It will take you to the “WordPress dashboard” where you can start blogging right away. A detailed guideline is available on “Using WordPress Dashboard For Starters” which will surely help you to meet the next world.

A free tip which I mostly avoid 🙂 That you created your first WordPress blog today with me, so it’s been a long time together, so i think you deserve a good advice. Yes, that’s right that you can earn some from this free blog, but with wait and determination, don’t lose your heart until you forgot the meaning of failure.






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Google Adsense is very very strict about the terms of service (TOS), and do not tolerate any violations in the manner of contextual ads. There is only one reason behind all the banned or disabled Adsense account, and that is laziness, we do not bother to read policy. All you need to know is available here at Adsense program policy. Check the policies often because Google can make changes anytime.


I am here to guide you about basic points about how to avoid getting banned from adsense. This all based on my personal experience, I will not say that never I received the disability email from Google, but i must say that I received a lot. I am perfectly aware of all the consciences, given below are the summary of my experience, and I tried my best to be simple and detailed as well to prevent adsene ban.

Tips to Prevent getting Banned from Google Adsense

1. Fake Clicks and Impressions

Invalid thing is always unacceptable by Google in all means, not only in Adsense, but it implies in all the sections under Google. Clicks and impressions on contextual ads must be original; any fake method to generate clicks or impressions is prohibited. Manual or repeated clicks are unnatural and do not meet with the policy of Google ads program. Use of any automated bot or html script to generate clicks and impressions is strictly against the terms of service, and the result will be the account disability or ban.


Always be natural while using Adsense contextual ads, and read Google’s guidelines before using any of the services.

2. Do Not Ask for Clicks

Do not ask or encourage your users to click on your Google ads or do not create any deceptions to gain clicks, this is definitely a fake way. There is no one who can create diversion or deception for Google, if you will violate any rules, you will get caught. Do not use tricky texts, like “click here” or click to “download free” to get the clicks on your ads. Do not use any appointing sign towards your ads to be clicked by user. Do not use image similar to the ad in front of Contextual ad. All these deceptions are not forbidden according to the policy of Google.

Just be good, place the ads correctly and efficiently, there will be no need to ask for clicks, that will happen naturally and perfectly.

4. Content Quality

Good quality content is all we need, content must not be copyrighted, and site must not provide any hosting service to store files and video content. Content must be unique and must comply with language according to your region, do not apply google ad on page which has no textual information in it. Avoid prohibited content categories. You can learn more about prohibited content here, update content on daily basis; it will help Adsense truly to be your pal. 🙂

It is not so hard to create unique content for your daily publications, gather information related to your topic and write that in your own words, simple isn’t it?

4. Ad Placement

Placement of Adsense contextual ads is very keen step to follow, as Adsense is providing verity of styles and sizes in the ads, and multiple color schemes to make it look more attractive and efficient naturally, so we can use them according to our need while following the policies. Adsense do not allow placing ad codes in pop-ups or any fake clicking software. You can learn in details by following Adsense ad placement policies.

Use old pic of banners ads for ads placement

Although Google Adsense is very vast topic to discuss about, here I tried to mention some major causes of account disability or being banned and how to keep adsense account save in the light of my experience. We can discuss more through our comment section, if you are having any specific issue with the Adsense contextual ad program.

There is no doubt that Adsense is the most well paying ad program around the web, but some of us are tired or fed up due to the strict policies, there are also other ad programs which are way less strict than Google, but they also pay way less than Google, so I think it is good to be tight circumstances. 🙂


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In this article, we will discuss in detail about How to get free traffic from youtube to your website as well as the ways to drive traffic.


30 Steps to Drive Traffic to your blog using Youtube

Youtube is the most well-known and well-liked video hosting website in the world; it allows you to upload video content by just creating an account from your Gmail address and start uploading videos for free. Generally it is the source of entertainment for a common internet user, who has nothing to do with technical use of a website or he/she is a non SEO person.

Since we are talking about getting traffic from Youtube for our blog or website, our focus should be on the word “HOW”?

Youtube is all about video content, and when we talk about content in the manner of SEO, our first mind landing area should be “Quality”. Only one thing matters in the SEO and that is the quality of your content. Youtube has a very strict policy on video checking algorithm to check duplicate or copyrighted videos. The publication or upload of pornographic content is also strictly prohibited on Youtube.


Survey report says that Youtube has over a billion users, almost one third of all the people on internet, that’s why it can be a great source of traffic, all we need to know that how we can drive the traffic from Youtube to our desired destiny, as the search engine of Youtube has a tendency of showing the most specific results against all the user queries so we can say in the manner of SEO that Youtube can provide you targeted traffic.

Now let’s head towards “HOW to get traffic to your website using Youtube”?

1. After creating an account, create your channel, and upload videos.


2. Share your video like a normal blog post, on all your social networks to engage more and more prople.

3. Video should be professional, to make your video professional use good quality video editor to add or remove any effects.

4. Maintain the audio quality of video, if your video is good but audio is disturbing, your whole impact will be considered negatively. To maintain this step you can use different audio controlling softwares.

5. Video topic must be engaging and informative so viewers will not get bored, do not use any controversial material in your video.

6. Upload videos like a brand; use your logo and your web URL in the video continuously, or mention them in the end or start of the video.


7. If you are creating video personally, use high definition camera for that purpose. Video background must not be blur or some combinations of annoying colors.

8. You must need a professional editor, because there are more and more and more videos on Youtube similar to your video, to make it unique and different from others, you definitely need a professional editor.

9. Do not upload sit and talk type of videos, add something interesting from user’s perspective.

10. Avoid lengthy videos, because it will annoy the user, as I mentioned in the start, Youtube is an entertainment platform for a common internet user. So use common sense 😀

11. If you are posting videos with a pattern or schedule, do not break the chain. Always follow your publish routine.

12. Asking for feedback on your publications is very positive way to know about your viewer, and that is all you need to know.

13. Do not use any copyrighted sound effect or instrumental theme in your video, until you get the permission to use that.


14. Use perfectly relevant title for your uploaded video and used mostly searched keywords in your title, because it will help the user to find your video accordingly.

15. Use search tags for your each video, this will increase search queries against your video in search engine.


16. Always use a moderated comment box, so you can handle negative comments by any user or your rival 😀 If you forgot to moderate your comment box, you can delete comments manually as well.

17. Use your video as much as you can through your embed link, by pasting that on different social networks.

18. Your video target area must be wide, so you can get exposure.

19. Always appreciate all your viewer, and answer to all your comments on daily basis, except the negative one’s 😛

20. Use Youtube analytics to find out about the source of your traffic and viewership.


21. Increase your followers and subscribers by proving them what they want.

22. Do not make your video look like an advertisement, it’s a negative thing for a common user, because they have their television for that purpose 😀

23. Choose your thumbnail very wisely; this image should be the summary of your whole video. Do not distract user, some of us use really attractive thumbnails to get the views, but when users open’s that video, there is nothing related to that mentioned thumbnail.

24. Upload multiple videos daily, it will gain you user’s trust.

25. Always learn from your competitor, watch and learn by looking into their videos, it will help you to pick different ideas.

26. Upload live webcam videos; this will increase your user flow on your Youtube channel.

27. Avoid being rude or abusive while creating any title or answering any comment.

28. Provide details about your category and the purpose of your video channel on Youtube, it will help user to understand you better and certainly it will increase your engagement.

29. After all these steps I am completely sure that your Youtube viewers are now satisfied with your work, so here is the last step, use your website link in your description, and use your Youtube videos on your blog or website as well and this is it.

30. All you need to do is to win the trust of your user through your Youtube channel, once it’s done, you can drive as much traffic as you like from Youtube, because it is one of the highest traffic website in the world.



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How to Make Money from a Blog

In this article, we will discuss about how to make money blogging. A difference could be good between a blog and a website, before pursuing further on the topic. As I always love to be simple and explained.


The webpage which we update daily with new content is called blog and the opposite is called website. If you are not satisfied with this definition, you can search on your own, but I am sure the conclusion will be only one line I mentioned above. Let’s ahead towards our topic.

Before some techniques and tips on how to monetize a blog, let me clear you that it is not an easy thing, it is all about time, hard work and patience.

All the ways of earning through website is almost similar in the case of blog, although in my opinion blog is much appreciable platform, due to the continuity of updates. You can cover more area of features within your blog except your website. Websites are also good in the manner of earnings but blog are better with the slightly different meanings. A simple plus point is subscription.

Now down to business. Let us consider directly the most popular and proven ways to monetize the blog.


Ways to Monetize a Blog

1. Place Ad Banners to make money

Wait until your blog visibility grow among users and search engine, create your trust first then use ad banners form advertisers, it will be very convenient for them to get the results, and you will get good CRT (click through rate), only if your blog is active and users engagement is good. Wait for the right time is always a right choice.


My suggestion is not to go with any individual advertiser or ad companies in the early age of your blog, first of all it is not appropriate, secondly you will earn nothing and thirdly you will lose your repute among your rivals 😀 means competitors 🙂 On the other hand advertisers do not choose brand new blogs to advertise, if they are so proud, you must be arrogant too, but only in the start 😛

It is a well known fact that advertising on a running blog will be cost effective for advertisers and CTR effective for the owner of blog.

2. Sell Links to earn money

An excellent option for blog monetization is selling the links and reviews, first of all these links will be considered eternal links and secondly it will be also considered as natural linking. Only keep one thing in mind that always works within your niche, irrelevant categories or niche’s will bring you nothing but de-ranking.

3. Use Contextual Advertising for online Earning

Contextual advertising is very profitable shortcut for earnings, and it is suitable for all type of audience and blogs. No matter what your topic is, no matter what your region is, contextual advertising will show ads merged to your requirements.


If your blog has random visitors from different sources and regions, contextual ads will be a perfect fit for you to generate some handsome income.

In this manner there are many contextual ad providers, Google Adsense is most popular and high paying, my priority is always Google Adsense, and you can choose whatever you like. Read in detail about adsense “Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Adsense Account Get Disabled”.

4. Sell Traffic

This is a rare case, or I will say extra case, you can only follow this step, if you are having something in extra 🙂

Selling your traffic is not used mostly for earning purposes, because it is hard to manage. Redirect or divert your traffic to another source is only good if within the niche, otherwise skip this technique.

Although it is high paying service, if you are getting a bunch of traffic, even more than your requirements, you can go with this option.

5. Some Random Sources for make money online

These are some major and easy to handle options to earn from blog, there are many other options as well, like you can run an affiliate program on your blog, or you can sell services for others, selling different products is also a good option to earn from blog, but as I mentioned these options are bit tricky and cannot be started easily. I always go with easy options, and my suggestion for you is the same.