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Abdul Raheem is the Co founder and CEO of Movie Rulz, he is a blogger with the abilities of web promotions as well. His career started in 2010 and it is still going and growing. Writer at BBC Blog. He is the priority writer for entrepreneurs because of his very simple and classy writing style always used a lot of humor. His basic area of focus is to help beginners to achieve their professional goals.

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Here we are today, discussing the most asked question in the SEO class, that how to get free backlinks for your SEO purpose, it’s a common phenomena that getting the links is the most important factor in all SEO strategies for getting rank, so let’s talk about some easy and effective ways to build free backlinks, yes free off course πŸ™‚

7 Ways to get Free Backlinks


1) Exchanging Links

If we are willing to get a free link, then get ready for some consequences as well, it is like a give and take system, or in SEO language you can say, a link for a link, give an outbound link to a website and in return get an inbound link, that is obviously a fair deal, that’s why it is free πŸ™‚ you can also practice this by posting an article on the donor website and use a hyperlink from the text body for getting inbound link, but be sure about the quality of your content and topic relevancy with your website before making this deal.

2) Use Guest Posting

Guest posting is similar to article exchange like our first step, but with slight difference, it is also give and take but within some specific types, for example, just you and me, I have a website and I am also a content writer, you have a website but you are not a content writer, so its 2 by 1, now what’s the deal?

I will write the content for your website as a guest writer and in return, you will give me a back link or two to my website from that article, is that fair enough? Yes, I think it is πŸ™‚ this technique is very high in trend nowadays because it effects your keyword rankings very quickly especially in google and it is free as well.


3) Use Article Directories

It is all about quality content, no matter which part of SEO we are discussing, all comes to an similar end which is your content, as now I am going to tell you about article submission directories for getting a free link, it will only be possible if you have quality content, choose an article directory write an article specifically under the policies of directory and then submit that article to be approved, it will go to moderation for several hours or days, because good article directories will check your article manually to maintain their quality need. As I told you above it’s all about good content, if you are submitting a quality content it will be approved certainly. Article directories allows you to take a link or two from your submitted article, this is also a way to get a backlink free for your SEO purpose.


4) Use Forum and its Profiles

There are unlimited numbers of forums in World Wide Web, and thousands of them are relevant to your niche, so select any forum with good user engagement, create account, use the link of your website in your profile information or signature, you can also build free backlink through your forum signature, which you mention every time posting a thread. Linking with forums is considered as bad practice, but as quality matter in every aspect of SEO, so be very keen choosing a forum to get a free link.

5) Use Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a good SEO tool, which will help you to gain traffic for your specific type of content, in common words it will bring you targeted traffic to your website, as we discussed above about the forums, there are also many much social bookmarking websites available for free, through social bookmarking you can share your content more widely to increase your social signals, this factor is also good for social rankings, so it’s really simple to use, choose your unique and good quality content to share on any bookmarking website, and create your backlink in the content using anchor text, and when bookmarking website will approve your post you will be considered automatically an inbound link holder from the specific bookmarking website.


6) Use Questions and Answers

There are many multinational platforms which are providing the questions and answers services, most well-known and common platforms are Google and Yahoo, you can find their specific department by typing Yahoo/Google answers, it is like a forum but not in actual, user ask questions there, all you have to do is to answer the questions, choose your type of knowledge first then practice this feature, and after certain level they will allow you to put your website link in your answers and in your profile.


7) Use Press Releases

The use of press release is also a convenient way to get a free SEO links, like forum, bookmarking website, there are also a bunch of websites who accepts your press release for free and also offers you an inbound link to your website, isn’t is so easy? All you have to do is search, more research more knowledge, and for that purpose Google is always your teacher, but not better than me πŸ˜›


I only told you about such techniques which will bring you something good related how to get free quality backlink in 2016 for SEO purpose, I know I haven’t discussed everything here, there are several more ways to get the free backlinks, although I always publish the information which I experienced first. If you feel any need of correction in my information I will be much happy to take your suggestion, and if a topic was supposed to be discussed more deeply, and I left something, we can also discuss that through our comment section below, your questions and concerns are most welcome, and you can also suggest the topic on which you want me to write, I will add that on my to do list. πŸ™‚


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One way to Get Success

Earnings through internet is very common now a days, and the most secure way is through a website, today we will talk about the need (not needs) of a self employed website or what we need to make our website self employed.

Yes, I know it’s been a lot of writing on this topic, then why I am telling you?

When I was a beginner, it was hard to find exact information due to fewer explanations, like people saying to me, “earn through internet”, and that’s it, no one told me how?

That is why I always feel to explain as more as I can πŸ™‚ Before some professional talk I wanted to give you a friendly advice, that is; it is not hard to create a source of income, but to make it work is.

You know that a website is nothing if not optimized, or in process. The quality of content is everything to your website, for suppose, you do not perform any other SEO factors for ranking, but only focus on the quality publications, you will be certainly considered by Google, and any search engine requires content quality.


Your content will attract the users to your website and your activity will increase, and that is the advantage you will get among all poor quality publishers, and believe me there are more and more of that πŸ˜€

You create a website, and suddenly you are able to make a handsome earning, by just creating a website, nothing else, Tring Tring, Wake Up! Damn! That was a dream πŸ˜›

Yes, that is right, I never said anything so quick about making money online or earn through internet, and it is all about hard work, experience and patience.

Creating a website is just a first step, and there is more to come, survey report says that only 2,000 websites become successful out of 10 million websites. Did you know why that is?

Its only due to lack of determination, you create a website and now you are fed up that why you are not earning anything and you left your website like an orphan in the web streets πŸ˜›

Stick to the cause is the most important thing if you really want to earn something someday, create your website or blog and work on that, only focus on quality publications, means only publish high quality content, and do nothing else, until you reached sudden point. I know I am talking against the SEO requirements, but believe me I am telling you the easiest way, and I am not using any difficult terminologies to deliver my thoughts to you.

Your quality content is your key component to be trusted among users, and all search engines. If you are proving good quality content you will become user friendly automatically.

To get success without having any problem is through quality content, I always advised my all clients to focus on their content and then we will talk about SEO. If your website is having bad or duplicate content, which SEO expert will can help you in optimization? Will you be able to get any ranking in search engines?

That is why I am telling you only to focus on your content; otherwise your all efforts towards SEO will definitely fail, because Google is much smarter than before πŸ™‚

If you are running a quality website, you are satisfying user and search engine, your provided information is valid, engagement is good, then there are lot of advertisers you can use to earn something as well, before earning some currency, earn trust, then it’s all yours. πŸ™‚


Daily updates is like a energy drink to your website progress, it will buy you the trust of user and search engine, and defiantly will increase your traffic, if your traffic is increasing your revenue is also increasing gradually. Your entire “online earning” thing is your content. Sorry to say it again and again, but I am trying to be much and much simple in explaining a one way factor for a website stability and ongoing progress.

I am not saying that other SEO factors are useless or nothing to do with, but all is related to your content. That is why my level 5 priority is “CONTENT QUALITY” πŸ™‚

In the manner of content, my first advice to you is to write by yourself, there is no rocket science in writing about something after gathering information, but if you are not able to write or create some unique content for your webpage, there are many companies which are selling content or they can create the content according to your niche and your word count requirement, you can consult them.

I will never suggest you to re write or spin already published content, because the results will not be appropriate.


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If you are reading this then it’s obvious that you own a website and now you want to index that in Google or any other search engine, in this article we will discuss the facts which tells us deeply how to increase indexing in google or google crawl rate and in other search engines. There are several steps to follow, you ready? Then check below πŸ™‚

5 Ways to Increase Google Crawl Rate

1. Your website must have high quality content, if you are not able to produce high quality content, then good quality content will also work πŸ™‚ poor and duplicate content will only make Google or any other search engine to ignore your website and that will affect your indexing speed.


2. Create sitemap of your website, and update that regularly, because sitemap stores all your pages or links, and it helps search engine bots to easily collect all your links and deliver back to search engines to index them. In most common Content Management Systems (CMS), sitemap is created automatically like in WordPress we use plugin β€œGoogle XML sitemap Generatorβ€œ, specify its location is your robot file, it is the message for all search engines like “Come And Get Me”. You can create the sitemap manually in XML format or simply go to to generate your sitemap online for free. Once it’s created through sitemap’s official website, download that and upload in your root file, and this is it.

3. Make internal links within your website, if your links are available in different pages of your website, chances are higher to be indexed quickly by search engines, one personal tip; this technique works great with Google indexing policies.

4. Create inner pages with less clicks away, means your inner pages must not be reached with lot of clicks, best ratio is 3 clicks to land on any inner page, this will help your all links to be active which is a good sign to speed up your indexing and this thing is also user friendly.

5. Use a blogroll in your website, this odd but efficient step will always help all your pages or links to be indexed by all search engines very efficiently.


Add website counters. About what counters to choose and how to install them on the website, read the article: how to add a counter on the website?

So these little steps are the key to increase your indexing speed, no need to play any tricks with search engine, some of us always talk about the methods which no one ever heard before, you know why is that so? Let me answer this please, because they never exists πŸ˜›Β  just be simple and precise.



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In this article we will discuss about how to check the quality of a website. Any marketer or content promoter should be able to differentiate between a good and poor quality website, because it is good to pick the mistakes, so you do not make such in your work, no matter what the mistakes are minor or major, even a single spelling mistake is a error which is not good for the reputation of your websites, always double check your work before publishing it. Mistakes can be corrected, but it is luminous not to make any πŸ™‚

If you find any mistake in my work, please do not mention that openly, you can have my personal email address to notify me πŸ™‚

See? I am being friendly, so you are, but search engine will be only act friendly if you will satisfy the user, and a low quality website is nothing but irritation for the user and burden on search engine capacity.


So today our topic of discussion is how to check the quality of a website, I will try my best to be precise but detailed as well.

1. Website Look/Design

First look could be last, when you open a website, how should be the look? This part will attract you very rapidly, if index page is only saying “Hello World” then your abrupt reaction will be “Bye Website” πŸ˜€ That is obvious, because why will you stay on such a webpage which has nothing to do with quality expect the rusty greetings.

In the opposite if a website has a attractive design and proper schemes, first impact will be a positive picture in your mind, that “website looks good”, although looks are not everything in SEO, but it doesn’t mean that you have to torture yourself πŸ˜›


Now come to a conclusion within more simple words, that the look of a website should be attractive, proper use of color schemes, appropriate use of placements and having a well designed logo is a plus point, actually I have already covered all this above saying, “First look could be last”

If I will only write that and move ahead, that could also be my last writing πŸ˜€

2. Content Quality

Buy a really high price theme for your website; hire some good developers to create your website, made all the latest modifications to improve the looks, and do anything that can be done in the manner of website appearance to user, find that good enough? Now use poor quality or duplicate content for your highly modified website, what good you will get? I know you get my point, although let me increase the words of my article πŸ˜›


All I am trying to say, that a website quality cannot be improved by having bad or copyrighted content, no matter what your website look like, no matter what your topic is, no matter how much time you are paying to your website, your website will remain in the list of bad quality websites if your are publishing thin content or low quality content.

Here is the thing, look matters, but less than the content, because your look is a one sided thing, any search engine or Google has nothing to do with your looks, looks are for user satisfaction, but content is too sided thing, content is also for user to understand “what you are saying”, and for Google “what you are asking”.

Saying is for user, and asking is for search engine, a good quality website should must have high quality content, and for the content quality use my equation of saying and asking. πŸ™‚ Here Is a question arise that how to check content quality of a website. We will discuss it in our next article.

3. Outbound Linking

Standard of a website is not hard to judge, as we discussed two primary factors above for the quality of a website, let’s move to some inner sections.

The use of a website or blog only to share information is just a big lie πŸ™‚ even teachers do not teach for free πŸ˜€ I gave this example only to make my point clear that there are other things that can be done by having a website.

Website look? Checked

Content Quality? Checked

What else do we need to identify the quality of a website?

In the manner of SEO, a website which have penalty of outbound links is not a quality website, although a good quality outbound link (niche to niche) is considerable, which we called a natural link but only to be in limits, some websites are having outbound links more than their own links, such websites should be avoided for work or interact with. A website having a lot of outbound links will be treated as spammy in Google SEO rankings. Detail Google SEO Ranking Factors.

4. Activity Check

The fame of a celebrity is always being considered by the number of fans, now replace words; celebrity with “website” and fans with “users” and read the first line again.

I know you understand my point above, the activity of user on a website decides the quality of webpage, if a website is having positive comments on publications by their readers, having a smooth amount of emails on daily basis, and updates are also good, then definitely it is a good quality website. What else do you need to know? πŸ™‚

If anything opposite is happening then you what it means, and what steps should be taken to improve the website quality. User engagement and activity is the most positive sign in the manner of website quality.

5. Broken Links

Before clicking on a web link or URL, how sure you are about results? Definitely you know that this link will take you on a different page or website, but what happens after clicking, that you found a page which do not exist. πŸ˜€


This is very funny that you found something which do not exist, even Senator Morra on NZT cannot do such a thing πŸ˜›

Simply we call this 404 Error or a broken link, not existent or deleted pages but their links are still in your website and redirecting user to “Page Not Found” is the highly negative sign of bad quality website, although it can be taken care of, but the impression on user and search engine bots will definitely cost you minor penalties. Read detail discussion about 404.

Well I think, it’s enough on this topic, otherwise I will make you sleepy.

Your comments and questions will be appreciated more than you πŸ˜›

P.S: Do not take that personally, these are only words not intentions πŸ™‚


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This is the common question which arise in our mind when we think about a website

How to Select Web Host/Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a hosting plan for your website is always a matter of deep analysis, although it is really easy to search anything but we are talking about the selection of server, not searching. Search can be made easily and the results will also be positive, but all that is in written form, what prove do you have that you searched a best hosting service for your website? Let me tell you something about how to choose the right web hosting or pick a good web host.


1. Review of Service Provider

Product or service quality can be judged by gaining reviews on sub level, before purchasing any service, Β search about the users reviews on the following hosting company which you are willing to take, do not chase any cheaper in this matter, because you will never know when they will became a speedster and run away πŸ˜€ avoid unknown service providers, like the one who is new in this service, always rely on old and strong service providers, always run a comparison check before any final decision, the most important thing in a hosting service is its support, which we will discuss below.

2. Server Support

Server support must be 24/7, a service without such offer is useless, because it will make you suffer badly with uneven downtime, support team should be available through email or phone. Phone is my priority. It is not a thing to be highlighted specially; as I am one of the victims πŸ˜› that’s why I am telling you not to take a hosting service without a support.


If your website goes down by some internal server issues and your support is not available or office hours are gone, then what will you do? Only wait, nothing else, bad server support do not care that your website is down or running, once my worst nightmare, that’s why I am telling you again, do not go with such hosting service, who do not provide 24/7 support.

3. Server Specifications

Before making a final purchase, following features must be checked:

i- Disk Space

ii- Processor

iii- System Ram

iv- Bandwidth Quota

v- Number of Websites

vii- Traffic Capacity

viii- IP Address

It depends on which service you are buying, in shared hosting case, I am not so familiar with disk space and ram, but if you wanted to know about any VPS (Virtual Private Server) I can perfectly guide you, let’s just say I am using a VPS with 1Tb of disk space, 8 cores of processor, 16 GB of ram, unlimited bandwidth, limited number of IP addresses, unlimited traffic and unlimited numbers of websites. These features suits my requirements, that’s why I am using a VPS, it is not mandatory for you to with same specifications, but make sure to check 7 features which I mentioned above.


Stability of your server is the stability of your website, it’s a very interesting topic and I always love to talk about VPS or hosting and WHM, because in my beginning I ruined unlimited number of WHM’s πŸ˜› which makes me a expert now.

3. Price Affordability

As I am writing this for beginners, or those who do not have much knowledge on selection of hosting server, price quota must be discussed, when choosing a hosting you should pay attention to the rates, choose the plan according to your need then affordability, need always comes first πŸ™‚

One thing which is may be off the topic but it is good to be informed, always choose monthly payments for your server or hosting, do not go with 6 months or 1 year packages, I know they seem to be pretty cheap, but in case of any miss commitment it will be hard for you to move forward. Leverage is always good. While doing rate comparison, you will also find those providers which are providing the same services but in more and more cheap rate than all of others, that’s a scam, do not choose such providers ever.

Your questions will be answered in the comment section below, if I skipped anything please let me know, or a thing that should be explained in more details.

Do not ask me to configure your server settings, because you know my abilities : P

Every successful entrepreneur was once a disaster and today we call them guru’s, so make yourself determined to the cause.