Canon EOS C200 With Support For Raw Light

Canon has distended the varies of skilled cameras Greek deity C200 model. Consistent with the developers, this – the primary camera to support a brand new quite format RAW – Cinema RAW lightweight. Files during this format supply as versatile color correction, which Cinema RAW, however are smaller in size.

Canon EOS C200

Canon the Greek deity C200 is provided with 2 processors DIGIC DV6 and may record 4K-motion video at up to fifty frames per second, or Full HD-videos while not cropping with most show update rate of a hundred and twenty frames per second. At the center of the camera is of eight.85-megapixel CMOS detector customary the Super-35, supplemented by the optical device system twin pel CMOS AF with the choice operates of the main target of the thing on the Bit screen. Conjointly supported by shooting with a 15-step dynamic vary Cinema RAW lightweight with a 13-step MP4.

Make notes comparatively tiny weight of the camera (1.4 kg) and appropriate kind body tailored for continuous shooting with hand. Additionally, Canon Greek deity C200 is mounted on a drone or stabilizer. Due to the inherent modules Wi-Fi and local area network shooting method is remotely controlled via a browser, and also the finished material is distributed by FTP. Info regarding the worth of latest things and also the temporal order of its arrival within the retail sale has not nevertheless given.

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