How to change WordPress username in Database (admin login)

How to change WordPress username in Database (admin login)

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Initially, when you create a blog on WordPress platform, it is assigned to the administrator user name (login), with whom he will go into the admin panel of your website. WordPress administrative panel has no option to change default wordpress username. My username is set to bbcnewsplanet and has no option to edit it.

wordpress username change

By default, the login is set to “admin” but in my case, it is set to “bbcnewsplanet”. In the admin panel, unlike a password, the user name can not be changed.

Most administrators put up with the situation, leaving the username “admin” without change, thereby facilitating the task of hackers.

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Change the “admin” (username) login to your WordPress can be done by making small edits in database.

Detail about how to change your admin username in wordpress

Thus, in the control panel (mostly cpanel) of your hosting account, go to the MySQL database.

wordpress plugin installation

Find out the “phpmyadmin” and click on it, in the new window find out the “wp_user”

wordpress username change

click on wp_user

wordpress username change

In the “Overview” tab, find the line with his account. If your website is not registered user, your account will be the only one like the above screenshot.

To edit a profile, click on the link “Edit”.

In the new window, change your old login to the new.
wordpress username changeSave your changes by clicking the “Go” button.

wordpress username change

That’s all. Log in Site Admin panel can now be only with a new username.

In conclusion, I will give a little advice – from time to time (preferably at least once a month) Change your username and password to log into the admin area to remain save and sound from any uneven activity like hacking. Make money online by wordpress blog




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