Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

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Designing a Marketing Strategy For Customers

Once we fully understand the consumer and market nature, it will be so easy to design a customer driven marketing strategy. Marketing manager is the key; its aim is to stay close with the needs of customers and trends in the marketplace. To create a successful marketing strategy, we must focus on two things:

Which Customers to Serve (Marketing Target)

Serve Customers Well (Value Proposition)

Today I will try my level best to talk about on these two main prospects for creating a customer driven marketing strategy.

Selecting the Marketing Target

First of all, a company must choose the target area/serving area. It will happen by dividing the market into different sections according to the customers. Some of the marketer’s thing that good marketing means is to finding as much customers as they can to increase the demand. But a good planner always thought that it will become hard to satisfy a bunch of customers, so specific choosing of customers is always good to manage and to build profitable relations.

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

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Some of the marketers also work on a strategy to reduce the customers and demand. For example if the demand of a product or service is increasing rapidly and it is unable to control the customer flow toward such product, a negative strategy will be promoted in the marketplace to control the customer demand. So it depends on marketing manager to select the timing and level before targeting a market, we can say in more simple words that to manage the market is to manage the demand.

Selecting a Value Proposition

Once you have selected the customers, now the thing comes that how to serve the customer? How you differentiate in market and what are your positions. Value proposition is a collective outcome of your strategies and marketing plans to satisfy the customer and demand.

Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

Your value proposition will differentiate your service or product from other brands, and then a common question will raise by customer that why your brand? Why not your competitor’s?

You must design a strong customer driven marketing strategy to avoid such questions. Obviously when your offer is much greater than your competitor, customer is yours. But not only offers make the difference, as I mentioned in my previous article on Customer Needs and Marketing Plans.

To answer your questions and comments is always my priority task to do. Feel free to ask anything relevant to the discussion.

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