Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

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Marketing Plans and Customers Needs

The first step for marketers is to understand the needs of customers and the knowledge of relevant operating markets. Marketing is all about human nature, such as:

Nature = Market

Change in Nature = Change in Market

United States Nature = United States Market

Understand the Customer Nature

Marketing is meant to be for humans, and human nature changes around the globe, so we can say the strategies of marketing a business or product are also different according to the nature/area. Food, clothing, lifestyle, society and affections these are the things which are not created by marketers, but these are the basic needs of human life. Please be clear this is not a physiology class, I am just making it easy to understand 🙂 These factors are shaped by civilization and personalities, like the needs and lifestyle of American people are different than Russian people, such change in human nature effects strongly while marketing a product or service in a specific marketplace.

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Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

The most successful companies and organizations around us are using the same strategy to promote their business. They interact with their customers face to face, they invite them to dinner, they visit their houses, just to understand their needs, demands and area of interest and this is the most efficient way to understand your customer fully. Always focus on your customers externally; it helps to judge the customer demands.

Make Offers and Deliver Reliable Services

Customer’s need and demand can only be fulfilled, if your offer is comparatively better and convenient. Offer does not mean that you are selling a product on low price but you are also providing other activities and support. The most common mistake in marketing that the seller is only focusing on selling the product to buyer, rather than focusing on the benefits and experience will produced by that product for the user/buyer. Such marketers crashed badly in the market and that specific product become unstable. Only to focus on selling your services or products and to neglect customer’s satisfaction is a bad way of marketing.

Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

The smart way of marketing is to look beyond the services or products you sell, make your product useful to your customer rather than filling your pocket with un-deserve able cash. Customer only want such offer which stimulate the mind relax the nerves and easy to accept.

Customer Satisfaction is Everything

Customers are usually used to check a lot of products before buying one. Can we analysis how they choose among billions of marketing offers? They made up their mind by checking the reviews on your customer service and then they trusted you to buy a product or service from you. Satisfied customers became your returning customers, not due to the quality of your product but because of your customer service and satisfaction.

Customer Needs and Marketing Plans

Expectations for a product or service must be settled in a medium way for your customers. If you set the expectation level too low that might satisfy the buyer for a time frame but that buyer will definitely fail to attract other buyers to buy your product. If you set too high expectations for your product, simply buyers will be disappointed and results will be the same.

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