What to expect from the iPhone 8

In 2017, the Apple iPhone marks the first anniversary. It was in 2007 Stiv Dzhobs revealed to the public the new device, dramatically affected the world of mobile phones. In connection with the tenth anniversary of the brand it is expected that the manufacturer will prepare something special for a new generation of smartphones.

Designers vengeance give vent to imagination, imagining what could be the iPhone 8. But on most Apple’s, as usual, information about new products is based on nothing more than the sounds of the fish in the aquarium. Therefore, we try to analyze the most credible rumors and leaks, to determine what features are most likely to get an iPhone 8.

What to expect from the iPhone 8
In 2016, some of the innovations in the iPhone have been perceived by the public is ambiguous. Reviews on the iPhone 7, as well as at other sites, generally positive. Frankly no one scolds the device, but the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack and not a very large battery – remember him regularly. However, there is no evidence that Apple were thinking back so familiar to all of the connector. It seems that in Cupertino finally abandon analog transmission of sound to the headphones.

The main attention is drawn to the display of new items. The fact that Apple plans to order the tens of millions of Samsung OLED-displays, has been known for almost two years. But that’s their diagonals while no accurate data. Given the trend of non-frames (frameless flagships have already emerged from Xiaomi, Samsung and LG), probably, iPhone 8 will receive the OLED-display diagonal of 5,5-5,8 “, which occupies the entire front panel. smartphone size should not increase substantially in comparison with the seventh model.

The screen on the entire front panel may force the company to give up the “Home” button, as it did in the Samsung. Probably, it will become a screen to lose fingerprint, but the feelings will be the same as the iPhone 7 (which this virtual key, with a vibro-impact). fingerprint scanner, if it is not able to integrate into the screen, or disappear, or will move back in. For convenient and reliable lock smartphone probably be equipped with an advanced front-facing camera that can scan the face of the owner.

As for housing, the most likely material for it is glass. It is expected that some of the design elements are inherited from ayfon 3G, as a tribute to tradition. Also predicting a wireless charging device, a high resolution display, an improved water resistance. Perhaps the novelty will appear in apple and tools for working with augmented reality.

Analysts agree that besides iPhone 8 (which may also be called, and iPhone Pro, X or something else), and light will see the traditional model 7S and 7S Plus. They are minimally different from its predecessors, as their improved versions. These devices are going to sell for the usual prices. But Jubilee device should be more expensive than any of its predecessors. Most experts (among them, including the famous Korean “visionary AppleĀ» Ming-Chi Kuo) agree that the price tag for the novelty will be above $ 1000 dollars.


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