How to Create Backlinks for Free?

How to Create Backlinks for Free?

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Here we are today, discussing the most asked question in the SEO class, that how to get free backlinks for your SEO purpose, it’s a common phenomena that getting the links is the most important factor in all SEO strategies for getting rank, so let’s talk about some easy and effective ways to build free backlinks, yes free off course 🙂

7 Ways to get Free Backlinks


1) Exchanging Links

If we are willing to get a free link, then get ready for some consequences as well, it is like a give and take system, or in SEO language you can say, a link for a link, give an outbound link to a website and in return get an inbound link, that is obviously a fair deal, that’s why it is free 🙂 you can also practice this by posting an article on the donor website and use a hyperlink from the text body for getting inbound link, but be sure about the quality of your content and topic relevancy with your website before making this deal.

2) Use Guest Posting

Guest posting is similar to article exchange like our first step, but with slight difference, it is also give and take but within some specific types, for example, just you and me, I have a website and I am also a content writer, you have a website but you are not a content writer, so its 2 by 1, now what’s the deal?

I will write the content for your website as a guest writer and in return, you will give me a back link or two to my website from that article, is that fair enough? Yes, I think it is 🙂 this technique is very high in trend nowadays because it effects your keyword rankings very quickly especially in google and it is free as well.


3) Use Article Directories

It is all about quality content, no matter which part of SEO we are discussing, all comes to an similar end which is your content, as now I am going to tell you about article submission directories for getting a free link, it will only be possible if you have quality content, choose an article directory write an article specifically under the policies of directory and then submit that article to be approved, it will go to moderation for several hours or days, because good article directories will check your article manually to maintain their quality need. As I told you above it’s all about good content, if you are submitting a quality content it will be approved certainly. Article directories allows you to take a link or two from your submitted article, this is also a way to get a backlink free for your SEO purpose.


4) Use Forum and its Profiles

There are unlimited numbers of forums in World Wide Web, and thousands of them are relevant to your niche, so select any forum with good user engagement, create account, use the link of your website in your profile information or signature, you can also build free backlink through your forum signature, which you mention every time posting a thread. Linking with forums is considered as bad practice, but as quality matter in every aspect of SEO, so be very keen choosing a forum to get a free link.

5) Use Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a good SEO tool, which will help you to gain traffic for your specific type of content, in common words it will bring you targeted traffic to your website, as we discussed above about the forums, there are also many much social bookmarking websites available for free, through social bookmarking you can share your content more widely to increase your social signals, this factor is also good for social rankings, so it’s really simple to use, choose your unique and good quality content to share on any bookmarking website, and create your backlink in the content using anchor text, and when bookmarking website will approve your post you will be considered automatically an inbound link holder from the specific bookmarking website.


6) Use Questions and Answers

There are many multinational platforms which are providing the questions and answers services, most well-known and common platforms are Google and Yahoo, you can find their specific department by typing Yahoo/Google answers, it is like a forum but not in actual, user ask questions there, all you have to do is to answer the questions, choose your type of knowledge first then practice this feature, and after certain level they will allow you to put your website link in your answers and in your profile.


7) Use Press Releases

The use of press release is also a convenient way to get a free SEO links, like forum, bookmarking website, there are also a bunch of websites who accepts your press release for free and also offers you an inbound link to your website, isn’t is so easy? All you have to do is search, more research more knowledge, and for that purpose Google is always your teacher, but not better than me 😛


I only told you about such techniques which will bring you something good related how to get free quality backlink in 2016 for SEO purpose, I know I haven’t discussed everything here, there are several more ways to get the free backlinks, although I always publish the information which I experienced first. If you feel any need of correction in my information I will be much happy to take your suggestion, and if a topic was supposed to be discussed more deeply, and I left something, we can also discuss that through our comment section below, your questions and concerns are most welcome, and you can also suggest the topic on which you want me to write, I will add that on my to do list. 🙂


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