How to Get Success online?

How to Get Success online?

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One way to Get Success

Earnings through internet is very common now a days, and the most secure way is through a website, today we will talk about the need (not needs) of a self employed website or what we need to make our website self employed.

Yes, I know it’s been a lot of writing on this topic, then why I am telling you?

When I was a beginner, it was hard to find exact information due to fewer explanations, like people saying to me, “earn through internet”, and that’s it, no one told me how?

That is why I always feel to explain as more as I can πŸ™‚ Before some professional talk I wanted to give you a friendly advice, that is; it is not hard to create a source of income, but to make it work is.

You know that a website is nothing if not optimized, or in process. The quality of content is everything to your website, for suppose, you do not perform any other SEO factors for ranking, but only focus on the quality publications, you will be certainly considered by Google, and any search engine requires content quality.


Your content will attract the users to your website and your activity will increase, and that is the advantage you will get among all poor quality publishers, and believe me there are more and more of that πŸ˜€

You create a website, and suddenly you are able to make a handsome earning, by just creating a website, nothing else, Tring Tring, Wake Up! Damn! That was a dream πŸ˜›

Yes, that is right, I never said anything so quick about making money online or earn through internet, and it is all about hard work, experience and patience.

Creating a website is just a first step, and there is more to come, survey report says that only 2,000 websites become successful out of 10 million websites. Did you know why that is?

Its only due to lack of determination, you create a website and now you are fed up that why you are not earning anything and you left your website like an orphan in the web streets πŸ˜›

Stick to the cause is the most important thing if you really want to earn something someday, create your website or blog and work on that, only focus on quality publications, means only publish high quality content, and do nothing else, until you reached sudden point. I know I am talking against the SEO requirements, but believe me I am telling you the easiest way, and I am not using any difficult terminologies to deliver my thoughts to you.

Your quality content is your key component to be trusted among users, and all search engines. If you are proving good quality content you will become user friendly automatically.

To get success without having any problem is through quality content, I always advised my all clients to focus on their content and then we will talk about SEO. If your website is having bad or duplicate content, which SEO expert will can help you in optimization? Will you be able to get any ranking in search engines?

That is why I am telling you only to focus on your content; otherwise your all efforts towards SEO will definitely fail, because Google is much smarter than before πŸ™‚

If you are running a quality website, you are satisfying user and search engine, your provided information is valid, engagement is good, then there are lot of advertisers you can use to earn something as well, before earning some currency, earn trust, then it’s all yours. πŸ™‚


Daily updates is like a energy drink to your website progress, it will buy you the trust of user and search engine, and defiantly will increase your traffic, if your traffic is increasing your revenue is also increasing gradually. Your entire “online earning” thing is your content. Sorry to say it again and again, but I am trying to be much and much simple in explaining a one way factor for a website stability and ongoing progress.

I am not saying that other SEO factors are useless or nothing to do with, but all is related to your content. That is why my level 5 priority is “CONTENT QUALITY” πŸ™‚

In the manner of content, my first advice to you is to write by yourself, there is no rocket science in writing about something after gathering information, but if you are not able to write or create some unique content for your webpage, there are many companies which are selling content or they can create the content according to your niche and your word count requirement, you can consult them.

I will never suggest you to re write or spin already published content, because the results will not be appropriate.


Abdul Raheem is the Co founder and CEO of Movie Rulz, he is a blogger with the abilities of web promotions as well. His career started in 2010 and it is still going and growing. Writer at BBC Blog. He is the priority writer for entrepreneurs because of his very simple and classy writing style always used a lot of humor. His basic area of focus is to help beginners to achieve their professional goals.


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