How to Make Money online from a Blog

How to Make Money online from a Blog

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How to Make Money from a Blog

In this article, we will discuss about how to make money blogging. A difference could be good between a blog and a website, before pursuing further on the topic. As I always love to be simple and explained.


The webpage which we update daily with new content is called blog and the opposite is called website. If you are not satisfied with this definition, you can search on your own, but I am sure the conclusion will be only one line I mentioned above. Let’s ahead towards our topic.

Before some techniques and tips on how to monetize a blog, let me clear you that it is not an easy thing, it is all about time, hard work and patience.

All the ways of earning through website is almost similar in the case of blog, although in my opinion blog is much appreciable platform, due to the continuity of updates. You can cover more area of features within your blog except your website. Websites are also good in the manner of earnings but blog are better with the slightly different meanings. A simple plus point is subscription.

Now down to business. Let us consider directly the most popular and proven ways to monetize the blog.


Ways to Monetize a Blog

1. Place Ad Banners to make money

Wait until your blog visibility grow among users and search engine, create your trust first then use ad banners form advertisers, it will be very convenient for them to get the results, and you will get good CRT (click through rate), only if your blog is active and users engagement is good. Wait for the right time is always a right choice.


My suggestion is not to go with any individual advertiser or ad companies in the early age of your blog, first of all it is not appropriate, secondly you will earn nothing and thirdly you will lose your repute among your rivals πŸ˜€ means competitors πŸ™‚ On the other hand advertisers do not choose brand new blogs to advertise, if they are so proud, you must be arrogant too, but only in the start πŸ˜›

It is a well known fact that advertising on a running blog will be cost effective for advertisers and CTR effective for the owner of blog.

2. Sell Links to earn money

An excellent option for blog monetization is selling the links and reviews, first of all these links will be considered eternal links and secondly it will be also considered as natural linking. Only keep one thing in mind that always works within your niche, irrelevant categories or niche’s will bring you nothing but de-ranking.

3. Use Contextual Advertising for online Earning

Contextual advertising is very profitable shortcut for earnings, and it is suitable for all type of audience and blogs. No matter what your topic is, no matter what your region is, contextual advertising will show ads merged to your requirements.


If your blog has random visitors from different sources and regions, contextual ads will be a perfect fit for you to generate some handsome income.

In this manner there are many contextual ad providers, Google Adsense is most popular and high paying, my priority is always Google Adsense, and you can choose whatever you like. Read in detail about adsense β€œGuaranteed Ways to Prevent Adsense Account Get Disabled”.

4. Sell Traffic

This is a rare case, or I will say extra case, you can only follow this step, if you are having something in extra πŸ™‚

Selling your traffic is not used mostly for earning purposes, because it is hard to manage. Redirect or divert your traffic to another source is only good if within the niche, otherwise skip this technique.

Although it is high paying service, if you are getting a bunch of traffic, even more than your requirements, you can go with this option.

5. Some Random Sources for make money online

These are some major and easy to handle options to earn from blog, there are many other options as well, like you can run an affiliate program on your blog, or you can sell services for others, selling different products is also a good option to earn from blog, but as I mentioned these options are bit tricky and cannot be started easily. I always go with easy options, and my suggestion for you is the same.



Abdul Raheem is the Co founder and CEO of Movie Rulz, he is a blogger with the abilities of web promotions as well. His career started in 2010 and it is still going and growing. Writer at BBC Blog. He is the priority writer for entrepreneurs because of his very simple and classy writing style always used a lot of humor. His basic area of focus is to help beginners to achieve their professional goals.


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