LG sounded Whole List of Technical Improvements for G6 Plus

About the upcoming release of an enhanced version of its flagship smartphone LG G6 – the model LG G6 Plus – learned three weeks ago. However, at the moment of official publication of information by the South Korean manufacturer of the technical details of new items have been left behind.

The LG is only specified that the apparatus in comparison with the basic version to be provided with additional options, such as support for wireless charging Qi standard. Neither the enlarged screen or the new processor, no changes in the design of the smartphone LG G6 Plus has not received.

LG has sounded the whole list of technical improvements for the smartphone G6

Published a promotional video with LG G6 Plus, supplemented by press release, opened all the features of the upcoming device to go on sale. Model LG G6 Plus for performance, though will be the twin brother of his predecessor, but some developers significant changes have been made yet.

Smartphone LG G6 Plus instead of 4 GB RAM, as in the LG G6, will complement 6 GB of RAM. At this step the developers did not go for the sake of improving the performance of the gadget, and it is more common to follow trends in the mobile electronics release with 6/8 GB RAM.

If the hardware of the original LG G6 varied depending on the region for which it was intended, the version of the LG G6 Plus will be uncompromising gadget that combines the entire range of support functions. The default model G6 Plus equip audiochipom class Hi-Fi, sound reveal the potential of which will help complete the headset B & O Play. Declared support for Qi wireless charging standard. Capacitance embedded flash drive has increased from 64 GB to 128 GB.

LG G6 Plus will appear in the color design of Optical Marine Blue (blue) and Optical Terra Gold (gold). The cost of “positive” version of its flagship smartphone so far has not been announced.


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