Marketing Strategies Global Factors

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

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General Marketing Strategies and Global Factors

Marketing is more than any other business need and to deal with your customers. If you are looking for a quite simple answer of your question that what is marketing actually, I must say that to maintain profitable and honest relationship with your customer is marketing. The basic need of marketing is to gain more and new customers by offering good and comparative deals and to keep growing your current business.

My personal research is always about world’s largest retailers and companies, and only one thing I found in common and that is pricing. It is not good to assume that low price means low quality, but products or services with low prices always get more chances of promotion. Such companies know that if they will provide good customer services and low prices, market shares and profits will follow them eventually.

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

Tip: Always use the work “low prices”; do not ever use the word “cheap prices”. It’s a sort of negative thing.

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Marketing is the key of success to every business, organization and firm. We are fully surrounded with marketing, and we already know enough about it, but do we? There are so much other aspects of marketing rather than understanding the people mind. Behind the scene, there is a network of people and their needs to be fulfilled and gain your attention. Some of the major factors of today’s marketing are:

Defining the Market

Marketing is not all about to sell and advertise, but there is no doubt that our daily life routine is full with marketing and promotions, such as; television commercials, receiving sales calls, online shopping platforms Etc. However only to sell and advertise is just a starting line in the marketing race. Only to focus on selling your product or service is the old trend of marketing, we have to learn latest techniques of marketing, or we must have to travel into past using a delicate time machine 😛

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

Requirement of marketing in modern era is to satisfy your customer needs first, than market your product and then sell. If your marketing is fully focused on understanding the needs of customer, your sales and leads will generate automatically. My personal experience in sales business is to promote the offers about customer satisfaction and comparatively low prices on products, and not to irritate people by over marketing the products, and what is happening? Sales are increasing like mushrooms 🙂

Successful marketing is to meet the customer satisfaction and to build profitable relationship with your customer at same time.

The Process for Marketing

To know about marketing is not enough until you perform it. For this purpose there are 5 simple steps you can follow to achieve your marking goals.

Marketing Strategies Global Factors

  1. Understand the Customer Needs and Wants and Study the Market Trends
  2. Prepare an Obstacle less Marketing Strategy
  3. Create a Marketing Circle of Profit Based Values
  4. Make your Customer Happy
  5. Get your Reward in Return

These are some really simple and easy to work on requirements in the process of marketing, first 4 steps are to satisfy your customer and their needs simply. The final and 5th step is the most important in all manners. It will help you to win your customer trust and obviously some cash as well 🙂

PS: Customer is Boss, King, Prince and Superior, do whatever he demands. That’s the road to glory.

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