How to Optimize Images in WordPress to Speed up the Site

How to Optimize Images in WordPress to Speed up the Site

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In this article you will discover a pretty useful plugin for optimizing images on WordPress without losing quality.

WordPress plugin to Optimize Images for web

image optimization

Images are optimized to speed up your website.

Seemingly open the graphics file in Photoshop, click “file” → “save for Web” and the trick is done. But the images on website have been accumulated. Here’s the question: “is it possible to optimize all the photos at once, using any WordPress plugin?”. The answer is Yes.

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Welcome to the plugin WP Smush. Interestingly, it treated all images media library fully automatically. PageSpeed Insights was pleased.

And in Photoshop to catch this line when further optimization will go at the expense of quality, almost unreal.

Installation and use WordPress Smush plugin for optimizing images

Download the plugin (WP Smush) from the official Depositary of WP at the address; Sometimes it is also happened that when we upload a plugin than there is different kind of errors arise like WordPress Memory Exhausted so click it to find its solution.

– Install the plugin just like all other plugins and activate it.
On “Media” menu you’ll see a new item “WP Smush”, click on it.

image optimization
WP Smush Pro version has more advanced features but we use a free one:

-“Smart compression”, the picture will lose weight in 2 more times without loss of quality
– Ability to backup, return the original image from the backup
– Processing of files larger than 1 MB;
– No speed limits processing (it’s better to slow down, there’s no hurry for us to be less load on the website);
– Works support (and why you need it?);
– Access to other premium plugins and themes (well, this good and so in bulk).
I never tell you to spend money if your relevant work is done in free version. If anyone still tried the Pro version, please leave your feedback in the comments on it.

image optimization

If you check the option “Auto-Smush images on upload”, then the plugin will automatically optimize all new images uploaded to your website. Intelligent compression and backup options in the free version are inactive.

Clicking “Bulk Smush 50 Attachments”, you can start the process of optimization of all previously uploaded images of your website. When processing is complete, a portion of the 50-minute images, click the button again.

image optimization
At the end of the process, the button changes to a green which means “All Done”. Click on it to finish.
You can reduce the weight of the individual images, by choice. To do this, go to the media library on the link “Media Library” or “library” link in the Admin Panel.

By pressing the “Smush Now!”, opposite of the image you are optimizing.

image optimization

I advise you, in advance, save all the images of your WordPress website on your computer before their optimization. If you don’t know how to make a blog on wordpress read it.


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