Privacy Policy

BBC News Planet and BBC Blogging Network in fully aware of keeping the privacy of their users, we do not share any personal information of our users and subscribers, such as emails, credit card numbers, mobile numbers, billing addresses etc.

By using BBC News Planet, you agreed to follow the rules lying under the acts of privacy policy, you accept our events and programs and other practices. We do not ask you to provide us personal information, but in some cases we may ask, such as your email for subscription purpose and your credit card information if you are buying any services or products.

We have no control on such information which can be collected automatically, such as; Registration stats, IP address, Browser information, Operating system information, Internet service provider, and Viewed content. BBC News Planet may provide cookies to your system or device that may contain anonymous information about you.

We always use third party networks as our payment methods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Money Gram, and wire transfer. You may have to provide your name, address and credit card number for making your transaction safe and secure.

BBC News Planet and BBC Blogging Network may allow third party advertisers to advertise on Third party advertiser can use different methods rather than HTTP, so they can leave their cookies in your system or operating device and can get information about you through the same meaning. You must be fully aware of using your browser with specific setting and blockers.

If anyone finds a violation of any rule of privacy policy, you can notify us by emailing us on