Samsung Galaxy Note8 With Snapdragon 836

According to rumors, within the last half of this year, Qualcomm can unleash associate degree improved version of its flagship 835 flower mobile chip, which is able to be referred to as flower 836. If it extremely happens, most of the highest solutions on golem, announcements that area unit scheduled for the third or fourth quarter, in all probability can contain it’s a replacement SoC.

We area unit talking regarding such devices as LG V30, Google pel two and, of course, Samsung Galaxy Note8. The latter at first was prescribed platform flower 835, however if at the time of the announcement PHABLET be prepared its improved version, it’s unlikely that the South Korean big won’t use them, the additional therefore during this case, his kid includes a probability to become one amongst the primary if not the primary product on the market with this “system on a chip.”

Samsung Galaxy Note8

For the corporation it’s currently very vital to demonstrate a good machine, as a result of this can be her initial planshetofon family Note once the immoral failure of the Galaxy Note7 last year. However, like its forerunner, Note8 primarily based SoC Qualcomm, is probably going to be used just for the America, and even some individual markets, whereas within the remainder of the planet and in Russia are going to be formally on sale a model with Exynos chip.

PHABLET victorious unleash once the failure of Galaxy Note7 (pictured) – a matter of honor for Samsung
Recall that the flower 836 ought to receive a rather higher clock speeds because the processor and graphics accelerator. maybe additional are going to be some changes, however they’re in any case not be important. a very new flagship chip – the flower 845 – are going to be in Qualcomm’s arsenal till next year.

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