Wireless VR Helmets With WiGig

Canadian manufacturer of networking instrumentation Peraso Technologies throughout Computex 2017 proclaimed that presently the market can begin to enter a video game device (VR) with support for high-speed wireless WiGig.

Recall that WiGig technology (IEEE 802.11ad standard) uses unauthorised frequency vary of sixty cycle to transmit information at speeds of up to seven Gbit / s (875 Mb / s). And WiGig-equipment is backward compatible with the same old Wi-Fi; but, the radius of the WiGig-action networks is restricted to concerning ten meters.

Wireless VR Helmet

According to Peraso Technologies, WiGig commonplace dead suited to use within the VR-devices that need a wired association to a laptop unit, for instance, a stationary laptop. WiGig technology provides a high information measure, and also the shaped coating is enough area for immersion into video game.

Peraso Technologies cooperates with several VR-developers. the primary helmet with support WiGig might seem within the late third or early fourth quarter of this year. Such devices offer a wireless initial information transmission at rates up to two.5 Gbit / s.

Peraso Technologies Company conjointly expects that because the price of the various technologies WiGig chip market adaptation can fall from this $ 15-20 to $ 5-6. And it’ll build them into a range of devices – from Smartphone’s to gambling consoles.

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